Great summer, let’s lose weight together

The summer is approaching. How can we get rid of fat in a cool atmosphere in this season with the highest temperature and the most yang in the year? The cold weight loss sought after by celebrities is gradually unveiling its mystery-the correct cold weight loss refers to the scientific diet (try to eat unheated and unprocessed foods, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts, etc.) In addition, in the air-conditioned constant temperature room, cool movement, thereby realizing the internal circulation of the body, making them interact and affect each other, thereby improving the body shape and regulating physiological functions.

It can make you lose weight without strenuous exercise, which sounds infinitely desirable. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that, due to fewer and fewer natural food ingredients in modern diets and people s tight work schedules, less and less exercise, coupled with the fact that many people use unhealthy weight loss methods that are contrary to nature, make people s metabolic rate decrease. Emphasizing cold weight loss does not encourage everyone to eat cold things, just keep consistent with room temperature.

Secondly, cold weight loss is a convenient way to lose weight-it does not promote sweating and intense exercise (high-intensity vigorous exercise is not suitable for everyone), it only requires you to adjust your diet healthily and ecologically and participate in slow exercise . If conditions permit, weight loss can also be accompanied by acupuncture. The principle is to restore the body to a balanced state through conditioning, the breath is smooth, and the water is wet, and the weight loss effect is naturally achieved. Compared with hunger therapy and exercise therapy, cold weight loss has truly achieved a zero burden on the body and spirit.

Traditional health methods promote drinking cool white open. The ancients drank a cup of fresh cool white open every morning in the summer. It is said to be beneficial to life-after boiling a glass of ordinary water, cover it and cool to room temperature. During the boiling and cooling of this cold boiled water, the chlorine gas is reduced by 1/2 compared with ordinary natural water. The physical and chemical characteristics of the water, such as surface tension, density, viscosity, and electrical conductivity, have changed, which is similar to biologically active cells. Water in it, therefore, easily penetrates cells and has wonderful biological activity.

The summer heat is usually hot and rainy, the air pressure is low, and the summer heat is pressing. At this time, it is easier for moisture to enter, and it is easy to heat stroke if you don t pay attention. The best remedy is to drink a little salt water, mung bean soup, watermelon juice, plum soup and other heat-eliminating drinks. In addition, fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement the human body with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which can effectively enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal functions, promote digestive juice secretion, and eliminate fatigue.

It is reported that the Japanese also have the custom of eating cold in the summer heat. They will put the cooked noodles in a bamboo tube and cool them with water for everyone to taste. Burning fairy grass is a famous snack in Taiwan. Fairy grass , live like a fairy and will not grow old. This appearance and taste are similar to the Guiling paste popular in Hong Kong and Macao, but also have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying.

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