Five defenses for health after the big cold

After the great cold, before the beginning of spring, this period of time has become the coldest year of the year with the onset of the cold wave. How do we keep healthy? Winter health must be hidden to protect the internal organs from the cold. warm . Five defenses for health after the Great Cold

Drink hot porridge to dispel cold. Runny nose, cough, headache … Cold and cold are the most common problems in winter. Experts point out that for those with mild symptoms, you can choose some ingredients that can be used to relax the cold and expel the cold, and the fairy porridge in the Huizhitang Experience Recipe in the Qing Dynasty is good. You Geyun: A handful of glutinous rice is cooked into a soup, seven onions and seven slices of ginger are cooked, and mixed with half a cup of vinegar, colds, colds and health. After warming, she went to the bed and was slightly warm with sweat. Once a day, morning and evening, even for 2 days.

Rub your hands to warm your kidneys. According to experts, rubbing the waist with both hands helps to clear the veins, strengthen the lumbar spine and solidify the kidney. The loins are performed with “veins” (the meridians that surround the waist), especially the lower back on both sides of the spine where the kidneys are located. The kidneys are warm and cold, and regular massage can warm up the kidney yang and smoothen qi and blood. The specific method is: after rubbing the fever with both hands , press firmly on the waist and eyes, stop for a moment, and then rub down to the tailbone (Changqiang). Do it 50-100 times each time, once a day, morning and evening.

Wear a scarf and stand-up collar. Winter is the season when cervical spondylosis is high. According to experts, the neck is the fortress of the human body. It is not only filled with blood vessels, but also has many important points , such as Dazhui, Fengchi, and shoulder wells extending to the shoulder. Wearing a standing collar is a good way to not only block the cold wind and keep the neck warm, but also prevent the blood vessels in the head and neck from contracting due to cold. It has certain benefits in preventing hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and insomnia. In addition, a decent scarf, silk scarf, or shawl can also help keep you warm.

Rinse your nose in cold water the next morning. Coolness is more obvious after cold weather, and rhinitis becomes annoying for many people. At this point, may wish to keep cold! Rub your nose with cold water every morning or before going out. Experts say that washing your nose with cold water every morning and evening is good for enhancing the immunity of the nasal mucosa and is a good way to prevent rhinitis. When washing the nose with cold water, rubbing the wings by the way can improve the blood circulation of the nasal mucosa and help alleviate symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as nasal congestion and sneezing.

Often do a foot bath. A foot bath is not the same as a hot foot wash. Experts introduce three points of foot bath. The first is temperature. The water temperature is preferably around 40 ° C. The ankle joint is submerged by water. The second is time, soaking for 20-30 minutes at a time, adding hot water from time to time to keep the water temperature, and the skin is reddish after soaking. The third is massage. After soaking the feet, dry the hands and massage the toes and the soles of the feet for 2-3 minutes. The last thing to note is that it is best to go to bed within half an hour after finishing the above three points to ensure the effect of foot bath. In addition, the foot bath should not be performed immediately after meals, and the dipping water temperature of diabetic patients should not be too high. Foot bath should not be used for burns, impetigo, chicken pox, measles, foot skin cracks and foot trauma. Dry your feet immediately after a foot bath, keeping your feet warm. Dur ing the foot bath, if there are abnormalities such as faintness, pale face, cold sweats, etc., you should immediately stop and consult the doctor in time.

After the great cold, we still need to focus on nourishing the kidneys and conditioning the spleen and stomach. Can also cooperate with some diet therapy, but people of different ages have different diet therapy, according to different groups, targeted nourishment.

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