Can low sodium cause hyperkalemia? Healthy people don’t need weight

In recent days, the WeChat circle of friends has turned hot: Emergency hyperkalemia is increasing, and after pursuing medical history, many people eat daily low sodium salts … Nephrologists say every day and buy the cheapest Snowflake salt cant be bought with low sodium salt. Low sodium salt is high potassium salt, it is fatal salt. On the 10th, medical experts told the Yangcheng Evening News reporter that healthy people have no need to worry about low sodium salts leading to hyperkalemia. It is even more nonsense to think that low sodium salts are fatal salts. However, patients with chronic renal failure should not choose low sodium salts.

From the perspective of our hospital s specialized department of nephrology, we have not seen a significant increase in the number of people suffering from hyperkalemia, and there is currently no precise statistical data to show that patients are hypokalemia caused by high potassium. Professor Liang Xinling, chief physician of the Department of Nephrology, Guangdong Provincial People s Hospital, told reporters that patients with hyperkalemia are mainly due to poor diet management, such as greedy eating some foods and fruits with high potassium content.

Can eating low sodium cause hyperkalemia? Professor Liang Xinling said that most of the patients with hyperkalemia are chronic renal failure and acute renal failure. If the patient s renal function has deteriorated or has suffered from renal dysfunction, taking a diuretic such as sodium excretion and potassium retention, while eating a low sodium salt, will cause the patient to develop hyperkalemia. High To a certain extent, patients with potassium can develop severe arrhythmias, which can be fatal in severe cases. Therefore, patients with the above basic diseases should not choose low sodium salts.

Professor Liang Xinling said, If a patient with normal renal function does not take a diuretic that preserves potassium and excrete sodium, even if he takes a low sodium salt and increases the concentration of potassium chloride by 30% in the low sodium salt, he also It is possible to pass the kidneys and urinate to bring the potassium concentration in the body to normal.

Which What kind of salt should citizens choose to eat? Professor Liang Xinling said: No matter what kind of salt you choose, it is important to control the amount and minimize the sodium intake, which is the key.

For people with normal renal function but high blood pressure, taking low sodium salt is better; for patients with chronic renal failure, it is possible to control the overall salt intake by reducing the amount of salt and controlling the total amount of salt. Low sodium salt is a salt containing iodine. If you are suffering from thyroid disease, it is recommended not to choose low sodium salt. Instead, you should take a low iodine or iodine-free salt through a doctor s certificate.

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