Winter health recommended 4 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines

Essence of blood is very important for the human body. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, Chinese herbs such as Huangjing, Angelica, Paeoniae, Dihuang and so on have the effect of replenishing and replenishing blood. Xiaobian will introduce the health effects of these 4 Chinese herbs in detail.

Efficacy [Efficacy] Buzhong Yiqi, help bones and bones, in addition to rheumatism. An five internal organs, spleen and stomach, moisturize the heart and lungs. Tonic, filling the essence, staying. Nine steamed nine exposed to food, staying in the broken valley.

Efficacy [Efficacy] fills the five internal organs, grows muscles, fills inadequacy, warms up and relieves pain, and blood tonics, moisturizes the stomach, bones, and skin. Treatment of deficiency and cold, fever, evil in dampness, politeness, cold , headache, and pericardial pain.

619 nourishes qi and nourishes blood, and the eyes are dark inside. Use angelica (raw sun) six or two, aconite (artillery) one or two, as the end, Lianmiwan Wuzi is large. Thirty-nine per serving, under warm wine .

Danggui Buxue Decoction treats muscle hotness and hotness, red eyes, redness and irritability, day and night, its pulse is large and weak, heavy press weakness, also when the blood is empty. As a result of hunger and hard labor, the evidence is white tiger, but the pulse is not long and different ears. If the white tiger soup is mistakenly consumed and immediately dies, this master should be the one. Angelica was washed for two bucks with wine, and one or two were burned by Huang Mengmao as a serving. Water two cups, fry one cup, hollow warm clothes, then serve again.

Daughter-in-law with all kinds of illnesses: Women with all kinds of illnesses and those who are deficient. Angelica four or two, Dihuang two or two, as the end, honey Jiuwuzi is big. Before each meal, drink 15 or 9 of rice.

[Effect] Strengthen the five internal organs, nourish kidney qi, purify the liver, calm the spleen and lung, receive stomach qi, and blood veins, receive yin qi, tomorrow, pass blood circulation, relieve pain, relieve fever and annoy Qi . Treatment of abdominal pain, low back pain, red eyes, lower pain.

[Effectiveness] Dry Rehmannia: Filling bone marrow, growing muscles, insufficient internal injuries of the five internal organs, blood circulation, replenishing strength, sharpening eyes and eyes, strong bones and bones, Changzhi, calming soul, cooling blood and blood, nourishing kidney water. Jiufu turned white and prolonged, and was light and not old. The main man suffered five injuries and seven injuries, and the woman lost blood in the brain, vomited blood, bleed nasal discharge, and the woman collapsed in a halo. Postpartum abdominal pain. Rehmannia glutinosa: filling bone marrow, growing muscles, producing sperm and blood, insufficient internal organ injuries, blood circulation, sharp eyes and eyes, black hair, nourishing blood, nourishing kidney water, and benefiting true yin (ie, kidney yin—the root of human yin). He treated men with five injuries and seven injuries, and women suffered brain leaks.

Take the radix rhizome of radix rehmanniae and cleanse it, stir-fry the juice, and make it thicker, and the white honey will be even more fried, so that it will be nine, and the ball will be as big as Wuzi. Every morning warm wine is delivered for thirty-nine, three times a day. You can also Qingzhou dates and pills. Or don t put dry rehmannia powder into the cream, pills can also be taken. The hundred-day noodles are like peach blossoms , and they are not old for three years. Baopu Ziyun: The King of Chu Wen served the ground for eight years and had night vision.

Rehmannia porridge can benefit blood and spermatogenesis. Dihuang cut into two pieces, cook in the same pot with rice, ready to cook, crispy two pieces, honey one, and stir-fry in the fragrant, then cook cooked food.

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