Simple diet for six diet styles to lose weight

Here is an introduction to a dietary model called One to Six for women who pursue bodybuilding, which is generally available to urban women. Of course, first of all, you must have a persistent determination.

The root cause of simple obesity is excess heat in the body. The main source of calories is oil and carbohydrates in food. The diet principle for weight loss is to reduce the calories in the diet and ensure the supply of protein, vitamins and inorganic salts required by the body.

Ravioli is a staple food made of rice and refined white flour. Every day, you must ensure that you eat a food made of 100 grams of potatoes and a serving of 100 grams of coarse grains. Eating sweet potatoes, taro, potatoes and other potatoes is full and can reduce your appetite. It is best to arrange to eat at dinner. Food made from coarse grains includes coarse bread, cornmeal, etc., which can provide more B vitamins.

For example, in the winter, eat an apple and an orange every day. Apples have a variety of health functions, and oranges contain a lot of vitamin C. In addition, eat another kind of fruit, such as hawthorn, jujube, pear, persimmon. The three fruits total about 300 grams.

The average daily total is 150 to 200 grams. One serving is 50 grams of soy products and one serving is 50 grams of fish. The other two are eggs and meat (chicken, lean pork, or beef and mutton) of no more than 50 grams each. High-protein foods can help you lose muscle strength and maintain muscle strength while removing excess fat.

At least half of them should be dark vegetables, such as celery, spinach, chives, canola, carrots, and tomatoes. Dark vegetables also include kelp, black fungus, mushrooms, and other algae, which are based on fresh weight. Eating 500 grams of vegetables a day will give you plenty of vitamins, inorganic salts and dietary fiber to keep you energized.

To Drink no less than 6 cups of boiled water or tea, which is more than 1500 ml per day. Don t think you drink less water when you are not thirsty. Sufficient water intake can promptly excrete the toxins produced by your metabolism and make your skin smooth.

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