Great summer skin care puts your skin into daylight saving time

Oily skin s oil secretion in summer will be more vigorous. Seeing that the summer is approaching, oil control and moisturization should be enhanced. Dont think that sunscreen is the whole of summer. Excessive oil secretion will make the skin color appear dark and yellow, and it will easily block pores and generate acne. Summer also means that many and many beauty products enter the summer daylight saving time state. Adjusting the skincare time difference in time to allow skincare to enter the daylight saving time is the key to oil control.

Mr. Jin Yunrong, a well-known senior beauty expert, has provided us with a very effective oil control secret in summer, Lavender Balanced Water, in her Diary of Beauty. It s easy to DIY on weekdays, helping us to simply and effectively fight shine. DIY the Balanced Water by yourself in the proportion of 100 ml of pure lavender drops of pure water, and then carry it in a small watering can. If you feel shiny and upset, spray it on your face . This wonderful bottle of balanced water not only converges and melts oil, but also calms the mind and nourishes the nerves. If you are afraid that the spray will wear your makeup, you can spray it on the back of your neck, chest , or hands to cover your face. It will also have a very stable effect. (The shelf life of the essential oil after adding pure water is at most one week, so it is best to prepare only 100 ml at a time).

There are many summer matte loose powder control products on the market, which can permanently control the oil secretion in the T zone and form a matte effect in the T zone. For T-zone oil control products, we suggest that you best use it after the lotion, and evenly apply T-control powder gel when the lotion to be applied is quick-drying. Some products may leave white marks due to the relatively heavy floating powder, so be careful not to apply too thick.

Now is a good season for vacation. However, after the vacation returns, we often have to face such embarrassment: imbalance of water and oil on the skin and worsening of oil panning, but at the same time there is dandruff phenomenon, which we usually call external Dry in oil. At this time, whether you strengthen the oil control or use a moisturizing cream, you cannot solve the problem at the same time. Dermatologists believe that this phenomenon occurs because ultraviolet rays and high temperatures can cause skin dehydration , and excessive sunlight exposure can cause skin inflammation and stimulate excessive excessive sebum secretion. Therefore, once this situation is encountered, single water replenishment and oil control are not ideal solutions. What we should do most is cold compress + moisturizing. The faster the skin cools down, the more effectively it can inhibit the further deterioration of skin inflammation and control the abnormal secretion of sebaceous glands; and the high-efficienc y moisturizing will help the skin restore water and oil balance while replenishing the skin s water loss.

If you only strengthen the oil control on basic maintenance, and still use greasy makeup products for makeup, the skin will still be shiny. Therefore, you must store the creamy, creamy and oily makeup products used in winter, and add some refreshing makeup products to yourself. In addition, resistance to ultraviolet light is also the focus of oil control this season. To prevent oiliness and block pores, a refreshing, oil-free sunscreen is more recommended. They have a sun protection effect, while also giving the skin a fresh feel. Remember, if you want to be oil-free in the summer, the Oil Free logo on the sunscreen packaging should be clearly visible.

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