Great heat and health

This year s summer is in the midst of three days. The temperature is particularly high between medium and final voltage, so there is a saying that heat is in medium voltage . At this time, most of our country is the hottest time in this solar term, with an average temperature of about 26 ° C and a maximum temperature of 44 ° C. Entering the flood season in July, there is a proverb small summer heat, drowning rats. That is to say, there are many rains during the two solar terms of this summer and winter, and the flood and waterlogging are the most. In our south, it is very hot, and it is a rainy season with typhoons.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a health theory of correspondence to heaven and man, that is, the human body s mentality, psychology, and mood will undergo subtle changes with natural and seasonal climate changes. Climate change will cause changes in physical and mental emotions. The hot summer season is extremely hot and hot, and people are prone to liver fire, which can cause upsets, listlessness, disordered thinking, loss of appetite, irritability and anxiety. This is caused by emotional heat stroke. Modern medical physiology also believes that: human nerve cells are highly sensitive to changes in meteorological elements such as summer air temperature, air pressure, humidity, and airflow. High temperature climate will affect the emotional regulatory center of the blood and brain in the human body , and then affect the neural activity and The secretion of endocrine hormones produces a series of symptoms similar to heatstroke. Emotional heat stroke is very harmful to summer health and physical and mental health. Especially in frail elderly people, myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and elevated blood pressure can be caused by emotional disorders, and even sudden death can occur.

The second is psychological cooling. Based on the principle of heart disease must use heart medicine, methods such as psychological cues and psychological cooling methods can be used to adjust emotions. Imagine that you are in nature, green trees are swaying, Feiquan Shuyu, Makes you feel refreshed and calm.

Third, we must adjust our daily lives to ensure adequate sleep. We should take a nap of 0.5-1 hour at noon. Because sleep is closely related to mood and immunity, lack of sleep has poor resistance.

Fourth, we should pay attention to diet adjustment principles. We should be light and diversified. Eat more nutrient-rich fruit and protein, and eat ginger, spring onion, garlic, and vinegar appropriately. It can kill bacteria and prevent disease, and it can also strengthen the spleen and appetite.

Dashu health diet should be supplemented by Qing, Qi and Qingshu, spleen and stomach, and congee tonic. Qingbu foods include mung beans, lilies, cucumbers, bean sprouts, duck meat, etc.; Qi and summer foods include mushrooms, seaweed, watermelon , tomatoes, etc. American ginseng, ginseng, and astragalus can also be used; spleen and stomach foods include red beans, barley, Pumpkin, etc.; medicinal porridge includes mung bean porridge, lentil porridge, lotus seed porridge, barley porridge and so on. On the day of the great heat or in the heat and heat, Guangdong folk traditionally cooked lotus leaf melon soup to drink to prevent heatstroke health.Its composition also includes red bean, barley, lentils, wicker flower, porridge, Alisma variabilis, etc. Drink it as a sweet soup or boil pork bones.

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