Don’t get into the misunderstanding in winter

In the three months of winter, the days are short, the nights are long, the days are cold, the human body consumes less, and you sleep well, have a good appetite, and easily absorb and store nutrients. Therefore, winter is the best season for tonic. However, there are some misunderstandings in winter tonics, and it is not uncommon to have more and more tonics. We usually make abdominal distension, constipation, insomnia, colds, shortness of breath, mouth ulcers, getting angry .. . it may be supplemented by improper supplements!

Misunderstanding 1: Eat and drink in winter is tonic. Usually tonics are mostly for tonicity, so most of the foods for tonics are meat, such as chicken, beef, and mutton. As a result, some people didn t know what to do , thinking that tonic was eating and drinking. In fact, tonics are slow work, and they are supplemented gradually in the case of choosing the right supplements. If you disregard your physical condition, eating and drinking blindly, so that excess energy will bring about health problems such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids, and high uric acid.

Myth 2: Everyone should supplement in winter. Some people find that tonic in autumn and winter is suitable for everyone. Big supplements benefit greatly, and small supplements benefit. In fact, only those who are ill should take supplements. If the body is not ill, blindly replenishing one s energy will also affect health.

Misunderstanding 3: The dummy supplement is free to use. Although the supplements are good, do not abuse them. The main role of tonic is to make up the deficiency and gains and losses, and the deficiency is divided into qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency and yang deficiency, each with different tonic methods. The principle of tonic is what is missing and what is missing. If the yang deficiency fills the yin, the yin deficiency fills the yang, or the lack of more fills the less , or the lack of fills the more, will lead to adverse consequences.

First, tonic supplements in winter should be used for evidence. There are evidences of yin and yang deficiency, and cold inside and outside. Different tonics, tonics should be different. For cold syndrome, hot ingredients are tonic; for hot syndrome, cold ingredients are tonic; yin deficiency should use tonic ingredients or medicine; yang deficiency should use tonic ingredients or medicine. Tonic can only play its role in health care because of the evidence. Therefore, the tonic must be used under the guidance of qualified Chinese medicine practitioners and Chinese medicine practitioners.

Second, tonics in winter should be made up for people. Due to different ages, genders, and endowments, there should be differences when supplementing. People with cold symptoms or those with insufficient yang qi should not eat cold foods; people with fever or yin deficiency should not eat warm foods. Pediatrics are delicate, and the raw materials should not be cold and hot, and the elderly should not have enough liver and kidneys. Medication should not be warm and dry. Pregnant women may be afraid of fetal gas, and it should not be used to promote blood circulation and smoothness. This should be paid attention to in the tonic.

Third, tonics in winter should be made up for the place. In different regions, there are certain differences in climatic conditions and living habits. There are also differences in human physiological activities and pathological changes. Some places are humid, the diet is warm and spicy, some are cold, and the diet is hot and greasy. The diet is more refreshing and sweet, and the same is true when entering supplementary materials.

Nine nine supplement one winter, no pain in the coming year. However, no matter which one is tonic, medicated, medicated wine, or ointment, it is necessary to pay attention to supplementing for evidence, for people and for places. Patients with internal heat and liver dysfunction, or those who are physically weak, have high blood pressure and persistently high blood pressure, or have a tendency to bleed, have aphtha and constipation, and should not eat red ginseng, velvet antler and strong heat. tonic . In some people, when there is heavy damp heat, stagnant sputum, and phlegm, you cannot take supplements suddenly. You should take a few patches of Open Road Chinese medicine, clean them up, and then take supplements. In short, tonic must pay attention to targeted, so taking supplements, ointments, and wine to achieve the purpose of winter tonic.

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