Common causes of simple obesity

Simple obesity accounts for more than 95% of obese people. Generally, the so-called middle-aged obesity also belongs to simple obesity, but among middle-aged obese people, there are sometimes symptomatic obesity, so it cannot be ignored. The average person s daily diet often consumes high-calorie foods containing fat. Once they consume excessive fat, of course, they will cause excess energy and promote the accumulation of fat. At the same time, they will consume excessive “alcohol” and cause excess energy. Many people will ignore this, so I often hear people say, Why do I eat very little and still get fat, I just drink alcohol. Therefore, daily diet is very important.

1. Genetic factors: Most of them are identified as multi-factor heredity. When a parent s constitution is inherited to their children, it is not a genetic factor but the majority of genetic factors that determine their children s constitution. Non-insulin-dependent diabetes and obesity belong to this type of inheritance. If one parent is obese, the child has a 40% chance of obesity. If both parents are obese, the chance that the child may be obese increases to 70%- 80%. It is true that there are not many examples of multi-factor inheritance, and inheritance of wrong eating habits of parents, and examples of obesity are not uncommon.

2. Social environment factors: Many people have the concept of Eat is Blessed. In today s society, there are many types of food, and a variety of foods are often tempting you. In addition, eat a meal has almost become a This kind of universal entertainment, of course, becomes the main cause of obesity.

3. Psychological factors: In order to relieve mood troubles and emotional instability, many people also use eating as a vent. This is the cause of obesity caused by overeating.

4. Sports-related factors: Exercise helps to consume fat. In daily life, with the development of transportation, mechanization of work, and reduction of household chores, the human body has fewer opportunities to consume calories. The energy is not reduced, and obesity is formed. Obesity leads to slower and lazier daily activities, and reduces the consumption of calories again, leading to a vicious cycle and promoting the occurrence of obesity.

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