Great cold often drink Tremella fuciformis jujube

Hou Xixin, director of the Nutrition Department of the Third People s Hospital of Zhengzhou City said that during the cold weather, the tonic should grasp the principles of nourishing yin and protecting the sun, reducing salt and increasing pain. The so-called nourishing yin and protecting yang is to adapt to the natural world and maintain the balance of the human body; reducing salt and increasing bitterness means that the sexual taste of food and the five internal organs also correspond. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that salty taste enters the kidney and bitterness enters the heart, so the food should not be too salty. To eat more foods rich in protein and cellulose, you must eat coarse grains and fine grains. Animal livers, eggs, honey, legumes, carrots, jujube, etc. all have a nourishing effect. Hou Xixin suggested that this season, the elderly, women, and children can often drink Tremella fuciformis.

When making, soak the Tremella fuciformis in cold water, wash it, and tear it into small flowers. Put white fungus and red dates into the pot, add enough water, boil on high heat, and cook on low heat for half an hour. Then add the peeled orange petals and rock sugar, and continue cooking for half an hour, until the rock sugar melts and the white fungus is thick.

When you boil, you must use oranges with no seeds and thin valves, because nucleated oranges will become bitter after cooking; the amount of white fungus should be sufficient, and it will take a long time to boil and become sticky.

Hou Xixin said that although the red dates are ordinary, they are rich in nutrients. During the three years of natural disasters in the 1960s, many people suffered from liver disease. At that time, the country allocated two pounds of red dates to each liver disease patient. Dont underestimate these red dates. However, in that extremely difficult era, it provided nutrition for patients with liver disease and relieved the condition.

Modern medical research has found that red dates contain protein, fat, sugar, organic acids, carotene, and various vitamins and trace elements. It has the effect of promoting the synthesis of albumin by the liver, and can regulate immune dysfunction.

Li Shizhen said in the Compendium of Materia Medica: jujube is sweet and warm, can replenish qi and nourish blood, and is used to treat diseases such as weak spleen, lack of food and stool, and deficiency of qi and blood. Eating jujube often can treat symptoms such as physical weakness, nervous breakdown, spleen and stomach discomfort, indigestion, cough due to injury, anemia and weight loss.

Tremella fuciformis is known as the crown of bacteria, it is not only a valuable nutritional tonic, but also a strong tonic. Tremella contains protein, fat and various amino acids and minerals. Tremella protein contains 17 kinds of amino acids, which can be provided by 3/4 of Tremella fuciformis, which is necessary amino acid for human body. Tremella also contains a variety of minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, etc., among which the content of calcium and iron is very high. Long-term use can moisturize and remove melasma and freckles on the face. Tremella is also a diet food, its dietary fiber can help the gastrointestinal motility and reduce fat absorption.

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