Create a thin beauty face thinning strategy from face to face

The core tip: The popular skinny beauty nowadays must not only have a slender figure, but also a charming little face. The face is the first business card of a person. In order to make a good impression, many people try various ways to lose face. And plastic surgery has become a shortcut to quickly lose face.

Thin face surgery is to achieve the goal of thin face by adjusting the bone tissue and soft tissue. Due to different personal conditions, the factors that cause facial hypertrophy are also different, so before undergoing face-lift surgery, a detailed comprehensive assessment needs to be carried out, and the focus should be selected to complete the face-lift surgery to achieve the satisfaction of both doctors and patients. Shaping effect.

There are certain technical requirements for this operation. A deep understanding of facial anatomy and neurovascular distribution is required, and rich experience can ensure safety and no complications. The shape of the cheek is largely related to the composition and position of the cheek fat pad. Removing some cheek fat pads surgically can improve the appearance of the cheek.

Facial liposuction. For soft tissue, you can also choose subcutaneous fat removal. At the same time when the fat is extracted, the skin muscle can be tightened due to the stimulating effect of the subcutaneous tissue. Subcutaneous fat removal has the best effect on the cheeks, jaw and neck. Generally, there is less subcutaneous fat on the face. After the subcutaneous fat is separated from the skin by surgery, the fat is sucked out after ultrasound superablation. Since the face directly faces superficial structures such as nerves during operation , these structures must be protected. Must not be damaged.

Mandibular angle removal can not achieve the goal of thin face for the square face caused by bones. This can only be achieved by surgery to remove the excess of the mandibular angle. Partial removal of bony tissue is an important method for facial contour remodeling and beauty . It has definite effects on the widening of mandibular angle, mandibular lordosis and sacrum convexity. The first thing to mention here is about the mandible. Wide angle correction.

The width of the mandibular angle is unacceptable to modern women. It is mainly manifested by the wideness and richness of the lower part, which makes the facial lines lack softness and tends to be masculine. After part of the mandibular angle is removed, the hypertrophic masseter muscle can be processed to achieve the perfect effect immediately. Some people s face shape is large and thick due to comprehensive factors. Therefore, thinning should be performed from both hard and soft tissues. This requires the surgeon to make a diagnostic assessment and comprehensively develop suitable surgery for the beauty seeker. Program.

Surgery through the incision in the mouth to assist the special bone repair system to eliminate excess hypertrophy bones, to achieve the purpose of thin face. It has a significant effect on the width and thickness of the lower part. There are no signs of surgery on the outside.

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