Causes and prevention of simple obesity

Simple obesity is currently an important global health issue. Simple obesity is a risk factor for a variety of serious health diseases (diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular disease).

Excessive calorie intake. The long-term intake of heat energy exceeds the body s heat energy consumption, resulting in the rapid conversion of excess heat energy into fat, such as: sugary, oily, high-calorie foods; excessive intake of staple foods , fast eating speed, and delicious snacks.

Replace low-calorie foods with high-calorie foods and poultry and lean meats instead of fatty meats. Replace eggs, milk, and soy products with sugary and oily snacks. Chocolate, cream ice cream, and sweets should not be eaten.

Try not to reduce the volume and quantity of food. While reducing sugary, oily, and high-calorie foods, increase vegetables, beans, and soy products such as celery, rapeseed, and pakchoi; melon vegetables such as winter melon and zucchini.

Establish a healthy lifestyle, reasonable nutrition, active exercise, adequate sleep, good at regulating psychological pressure, and maintain stable emotions; do not smoke, do not use drugs, and do not drink.

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