Are older actresses in Tong Yan relying on vegetarian food and sports?

An actress who is foolish enough to look at the age, whether it is 30, 40, 50 or 60, can play a girl in her teens or twenties. However, people don t have time to do micro-repairing, and the face like eating preservatives tells us that she can only maintain such a good diet by eating more vegetarians and exercising.

But do you believe it? Besides, there is no time. Many micro-adjustments are done in minutes. It does not require a long operation time or a long recovery period. How can it be called lunch plastic surgery?

Some of the most popular anti-aging programs are Sonic Lippi, Hot Maggie, Botox, and wrinkle removal. These programs can really hide your age. Being more vegetarian and more exercise can make you 60 years old. With a 20-year-old face, just listen to it!

Using the most advanced high-intensity focused ultrasonic energy, through three different probes, it can be applied to the epidermis, dermis, and fascia layer that could only be reached by surgical peeling, generating nearly 10,000 coagulation points, making collagen Produces immediate contraction, stimulates a lot of collagen regeneration and reorganization, and builds a brand-new collagen fiber network to enhance the skin s elasticity from the bottom of the skin. Realizing the three major functions of skin tightening, wrinkle removal and shaping, it is the latest generation of anti-wrinkle anti-aging skin beauty project.

Clustering the lattice heat source overcomes the shortcomings of the skin that the radio frequency heat source can t bear in the past. This is a unique patented technology of Remag. This technology enables deep collagen cells to release sufficient thermal energy, regenerate, and adhere to surrounding collagen. The result is a solid support.

Remagic s automatic energy control system can digitally control the size and release rate of radio wave energy, and the physician can perform more precise treatment according to different skins.

Botox Wrinkle Removal is an injection method that injects botox into the area that needs to be wrinkled. Botox can effectively block the nerve impulses of the nerves and muscles. Wrinkles will slowly stretch and disappear, and the skin will become flat.

Now you can understand why there are so many celebrities in the entertainment industry? This may be the credit for the above three anti-aging wrinkle removal projects!

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