Winter health secret golden lotus tea

Experts reminded that drinking the right tea in the solar term can play a role in preventing colds and regulating mood.

Winter is a season of high incidence of respiratory diseases and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Especially for the elderly, the great cold season is a “hurt” and a challenge to their health.

In the diet, people should first eat warm foods, such as beef and mutton, venison, and dog meat. Elderly people often suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They have problems such as high blood pressure and high blood lipids, so they should not eat too much meat. Secondly, eat more easily digestible foods, so as to avoid food stagnation due to reduced activities in the winter and other causes of gastrointestinal damage and constipation. Third, the diet should not be too biased towards a particular taste of sweet and salty. Fourth, proper drinking of tea is beneficial to the health care of the great cold and solar terms, but drinking tea is also particular about it. Making tea with nasturtium, honeysuckle, and chrysanthemum can clear the heat and swallow the throat , and prevent stasis of qi, especially suitable for people who feel dry mouth and dry throat. Making tea with orange peel, bergamot, and rose flowers can relieve liver and qi, and help relieve the m ost prone depression in winter and regulate emotions.

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