Looking at health from your face teaches you to look at disease through your face

Different complexions such as lack of blood and pale complexion can in fact show that our bodies are healthy. From the face, health has existed since ancient times, because the face is one of the reflection areas of our body. Let us take a look today My face looks healthy, how to adjust my face, I hope to help everyone.

The reflection area is in the person and around the lips. If a woman has moles, cripples, chin redness, and the kidney s reflective area is relatively smooth, it proves that the person has a backward uterus and a sore waist. If a woman has moles or cripples around her lips, and the kidney reflex area is not good, or the woman s lips are blue, black or white, and the kidney s reflex area is not good, these two conditions generally prove that the person is reproductive There is a problem with the system. If a woman has a mule, it is usually a disease in her womb. If a man has moles and boils on his lips last week, and the kidney reflex area is not good, it means that the person has a problem with the reproductive system. If the upper lips of men over 40 years old are thicker, the prostate may be enlarged; if there are acne on the upper lips, and those who are well born again, it may be prostatitis. The male upper lip is uneven and has grooves, which is male reproductive dysfunction, and the redness on both sides of the male upper lip is also prostatitis.

The reflection area is at the bridge of the nose between the corners of the eyes, where the horizontal stripes or stripes are more obvious, which proves that the arrhythmia or the heart condition is not good; if the horizontal stripes appear and the tongue has deep vertical stripes (grooves) There may be a more serious heart attack. Patients with heart disease generally have intestinal dysfunction; they can also cause diseases such as blood vessels, brain, thyroid, and parathyroid glands. Wrinkles in the lower ear and lips are coronary heart disease, and purple lips are a heart disease.

The reflection area is between the two eyebrows. If vertical lines appear here, the vertical lines are very deep and the area is red, it proves that this person has insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain blood vessels, headache, nervous breakdown, dreaminess , poor sleep, palpitations, irritability, etc.

The reflection area is between the corners of the eyes and the bridge of the nose. If this part of the man is dull or blue, it means that he has shortness of breath and chest tightness. If the woman s area is dull or blue , it means that her breasts are tender during menstruation. There are moles, mules, or acne-like protrusions on the inner part of the upper eyelid, which indicates that the breast of women has lobular hyperplasia and male pleurisy. If there is a small packet in the corner of the eye of a woman, it means that the woman has hyperplasia of the breast or mastomas.

The reflection area is 1/2 of the two eyebrows, above the temple, 1/3 of the forehead, and the middle of the bridge of the nose (the highest point of the bridge of the nose). If these two parts are dark or spotted, and the person is younger or richer boss or officer, it may be fatty liver. If there are acne (疙瘩) in these two parts or one part, it proves that the person is hot. If there are spots on the temples , the liver function is weak. If there is a spot on the bridge of the nose, it may be that the liver is hot, emotionally unstable, and menopause. If there are obvious classes in both places, and their faces are dull and gloomy , they look ugly, and the person is relatively thin, indicating that the person has liver disease. There is a mole in the center of the eyebrow, the eyes are yellow, and the complexion is very yellow. From the nose to the nose to the nose may be cancer or tumor!

The reflex area is on the nose. If the nose has red hair or rosacea or swollen nose, it is proved that the spleen is hot or splenomegaly. It usually feels heavy head, cheek pain, upset and so on. If the nose hair is yellow or white, it is spleen deficiency, there will be excessive sweating, fear of wind, lazy limbs, burnout, non-eating and so on.

(Respiratory system, throat, trachea, tonsils, etc.): The reflection area is between 1/2 of the two eyebrows; the part of the forehead is less than 1/3. If the middle of the forehead is concave, and the color is dull, blue, or spotted, it means that the person has a lung disease and has trouble breathing; if there is acne, it proves that the person has recently suffered a cold or a sore throat. If there are moles, cripples, or whitening on the brow parts, it means that the person has throat, laryngitis, or tonsillitis, or chest tightness, shortness of breath, or lung disease. The upper part of the brow is raised, and there is also lung disease. People with poor lung function generally have poor bowel function.

It is necessary to enter sleep before 12 o clock. Effective sleep can ensure the normal functioning of the body. Regular exercise and sweating can effectively eliminate toxins and effectively improve the yellowing of the face.

Frequently massage red blood capillaries to promote blood flow and help increase capillary elasticity. Hot red blood capillaries can be used cold to reduce facial fever and swelling.

Summary: The face can help us better judge our physical health. From the changes in the complexion, we can see the physical health of the body. Therefore, if there is an abnormal change in our complexion, we must pay attention to it and check the body. Do not neglect Carelessness leads to impaired health.

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