Great summer health slow motion can be fitness

Yesterday was the great heat in the 24 solar terms. This solar term is just before and after mid-volts. It is the hottest time of the year and the season when yang is the most abundant. Therefore, in the health care, there is often a saying of winter disease and summer treatment. In other words, if it is chronic bronchitis, lung Symptoms of yang deficiency such as emphysema, diarrhea and rheumatism are the best treatment opportunities. Citizens with these chronic diseases should carefully recuperate and focus on prevention and treatment during summer health.

In addition, for ordinary citizens, it is not that they cannot participate in sports at this time, but that they should perform some slow sports, such as jogging, walking, and Tai Chi.

The term winter disease and summer treatment is often used in health care. For those chronic diseases that occur in winter, such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, rheumatism and other yang deficiency syndromes, this solar term is the best . Timing of treatment.

Taking chronic bronchitis as an example, patients can be treated by internal or external methods. Specific method: Jinkui Shenqi Pills, Zuogui Pills, etc., which are orally administered to warm the kidneys and impotence, twice a day, one pill each time, and even for one month. For external application, 20 grams of white meson, 15 grams of Yuanhu, 12 grams of meticulousness, and 10 grams of gansui can be selected. The same powders are mixed with ginger juice and divided into six portions. Grease paper or plastic film, affixed to Feishu, Xinyu, Acupoint on the back or acupoints of Feishu, Bailao, and Acupoint on both sides, and fixed with adhesive tape. It is usually applied for 4-6 hours. It can be removed in advance if there is a burning sensation, and it can be affixed for a few hours if it is slightly itchy or warm and comfortable.

It should be noted that applying it once every futian (three futian in summer), three times a year for three consecutive years, can enhance the body s non-specific immunity and reduce the body s allergic state. This combination of internal and external treatment can effectively eliminate or alleviate symptoms.

Summer has always advocated drinking more water, but it should be reminded that in order to understand that thirsty people drink too much water at one time, they do not know that this will increase the burden on the heart, cause the blood concentration to drop rapidly , and even appear panic, shortness of breath, and sweating. Therefore, in the hot season, if you are very thirsty, you should drink a small amount of water first, and then stop drinking. When drinking water, you should drink it slowly instead of pouring it out. For citizens who have a bad stomach or who care about their health, drinking warm water is the best. On the one hand, it does not stimulate the stomach and stomach, and on the other hand, warm water is good for relieving heat.

In addition, the hot summer weather is hot, the human body sweats a lot, and consumes a lot, so health care emphasizes that we must pay attention to physical strength. A light diet can prevent heatstroke and eat more fresh vegetables. Vegetables and fruits can provide the human body with essential nutrients such as sugars, proteins, and can also supplement the body with a large number of vitamins. Can drink some refreshing drinks and drink plenty of water.

In fact, the medical profession recognizes that porridge can nourish yin, produce stomach fluid, strengthen the spleen and stomach, and make up for deficiencies. It is best to support people. Porridge is boiled at a relatively low temperature and for a long time, which can reduce the breakdown of protein and fat and the loss of vitamins, and enable some minerals to be dissolved in the soup, making the porridge more nutritious.

In the summer heat and solar terms, the typical Dushu porridge can be selected from mung bean lily porridge, watermelon green porridge and barley adzuki bean porridge. These ingredients have the effect of refreshing qi, clearing the spleen and nourishing the stomach, and can help the citizens to live a good summer. Medicinal porridge is suitable for the elderly, children, and those with weak spleen and stomach functions. If you drink porridge in summer, you can put some herbs such as Huaishan, Poria, etc., and the effect will be better.

In addition, eat more cool food, drink porridge when it is hot, sweet or salty, very suitable for eating, eat more fruit is also beneficial to prevent heatstroke. One month before and after the summer heat, the catfish is the best. Scutellaria baicalensis nourishes the liver and spleen and removes rheumatism. It not only prevents diarrhea caused by indigestion of summer food, but also protects the cardiovascular system. The summer heat is another season of frequent digestive tract diseases. The diet should be light.

Health experts reminded that you must pay attention to diet adjustment before and after the summer heat. You should be light and diversified, eat more nutritious fruits and vegetables and protein, and eat ginger, spring onion, garlic, and vinegar appropriately. It can sterilize and prevent disease, and can also strengthen the spleen and appetite.

Because the temperature is relatively high before and after the summer heat, the weather in the south is often hot and humid, and the human body is not comfortable. Therefore, in order to avoid overwork in sweltering weather, you should avoid going out and doing as little activity as possible. In order to let the moisture out of the body, try to exercise at a moderate intensity such as walking in the morning and evening when the temperature is low.

Health experts reminded that patients with a chronic medical history in Sanfutian, especially middle-aged and elderly people, are very likely to have cardiac and cerebrovascular accidents. Therefore, middle-aged people should avoid excessive physical exertion in the mid-summer high temperature exercise . Such as fast running, equipment sports, etc.

For young people, swimming is the sport of choice in the summer. It is reported that after swimming exercise, it can fully inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so that the metabolism of tissues and cells in the body is strong, which is good for preventing and treating chronic bronchitis and improving emphysema. And swimming can improve the function of the cardiovascular system, enhance the function of the heart, and reduce the deposition of metabolic waste on the blood vessel wall. But even so, the swimming time is very particular. It is best to choose morning or evening, and it is not recommended to do it within one hour after meals. You must also fully prepare before swimming to avoid cramps and colds.

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