Can I lose weight by rubbing my feet? These 5 kinds of foot rub exercise are good for weight loss

You can use your fist to hit the soles of your feet every night before going to bed. This not only eliminates fatigue, but also promotes local blood circulation, helps detoxification of the internal organs, makes the blood vessel excretion function in the body more smooth , and accelerates the rate of burning fat.. With the soles of the feet as the center, perform a rhythmic massage to make the local area feel a little painful, and massage each foot about 100 times.

When the blood circulation speed becomes worse, endocrine will be disturbed, and even visceral dysfunction will occur. The toxin cannot be expelled from the body quickly, slowing down the metabolism, causing fat accumulation, and eventually causing obesity. It can simply stimulate the feet . To promote blood circulation and speed up metabolism. The specific method is to lie flat on the bed and shake your feet in the air for two minutes to allow the body s blood circulation to clear, help burn fat, and improve sleep.

When walking barefoot, you can exercise your palms and maintain your body s balance. When you walk, let your feet be stimulated. Try walking the pebble road. You can also use 5 toe separation to exercise. When you get home, take off your socks as much as possible, and stick to walking barefoot for two minutes.

Rubbing your toes not only reduces weight but also enhances memory. The specific method is to use both hands to hold the thumbs of your feet and rub them counterclockwise. Rub them about 20 times a day for two minutes each time. Use your hands to do circular motions to rub the outside of your little toes. This will not only eliminate edema, but also increase memory.

The feet should be rubbed against each other, which can promote blood circulation, so that Chiang does not feel warm, and can accelerate the detoxification and fat burning effects in the body in a short time. The specific method is to lie flat on the bed and lift the feet If you rub with each other, it will work better if you massage with both hands.

The above method of massaging the soles of the feet can achieve the effect of weight loss and weight loss, and can also discharge toxins in the body. You can use hot water to soak your feet before going to bed every night, or you can add Chinese medicine to the foot wash water to achieve the effect of detoxification In addition, to ensure adequate sleep.

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