At the turn of spring and summer, there is a coup in TCM

For ordinary patients, it is difficult to understand what a wind-heat cold is. In this regard, experts teach everyone a simple method, which is to judge from the symptoms if the cold appears dry and sore throat, sputum yellow or yellow-white ; thick yellow nose, hot, thirsty, slightly afraid of wind and cold; With a little yellow, it can be preliminarily judged as wind-heat cold. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Fengreganmao is caused by the manifestations of the culprits of wind and heat , lung loss, and the like.

Experts suggest that drinking a glass of boiling water early in the morning is good for hydration, laxative and detoxification. Eat more vegetables and a light diet. At the turn of spring and summer, you can eat more high-protein, high-vitamin foods , eat less meat, fish, shrimp and other non-digestible food.

Traditional Chinese medicine also recommends that patients with wind and cold should eat apples, strawberries, and carambola, pears, and walnuts in moderation. Carambola is effective for those with wind-heat, cold, and cough and sore throat. Pears and walnuts have a good laxative effect. In addition, you can eat more red-colored foods such as carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, onions, and hawthorn. The carotene contained in them can prevent colds; drinking a cup of yogurt and bowl of chicken soup every day can also effectively prevent colds. Vitamin C can also be taken in moderation to improve immunity.

Of course, we also need to strengthen our own health care, try to avoid crowded and turbid air in public places, and pay attention to the increase and decrease of clothes, and keep the indoor air fresh and moist.

In recent years, proprietary Chinese medicines have become the choice of more cold patients. Traditional Chinese medicines often treat colds with different types such as wind chills, wind heat, and summer heat. Today, we introduce several cold medicines commonly used in spring and summer .

Sangju cold tablets prescription source from Qing Dynasty Wu Jutong Distinguishing Warm Diseases Sangju drink, ingredients include mulberry leaves, chrysanthemum, forsythia, peppermint oil, bitter almond, lisianthus, licorice, reed root, it is a cool and light agent, Suitable for exogenous wind temperature, cold and cold from the beginning of wind-heat, cough of wind-heat.

Lingqiao Jiedu Tablets (Pills) The prescription source is Yin Qiao San, a flavor of Warm Diseases of the Qing Dynasty. It is named after its main medicine Antelope Horn, Forsythia and its function of clearing heat and detoxifying.. For exogenous warmth or wind -heat caused by phobia, fever, lazy limbs, headache, nasal congestion, cough and sore throat. Antelope horns are good at clearing lung fever, and have antipyretic and anticonvulsant effects. Clinically, it is mainly used in the early stages of various infectious fevers such as rheumatic fever, acute tonsillitis, influenza, mumps, acute laryngitis, and bronchitis. It is a good medicine for families with infectious fever.

Zhiganmao Zhike Granules The formula contains honeysuckle, forsythia, scutellaria baicalensis, lisianthus, menthol, etc., which has the functions of clearing heat and resolving phlegm, relieving cough and reducing phlegm. For colds, fever, mild cold, cold, headache, thirst , cough and dry throat, colds, stuffy nose, sore throat, limb fatigue, influenza, etc. It is clinically applied to exogenous wind-heat fever, cold, exogenous wind-heat, and cough caused by loss of lung loss, fever, bad wind, slight thirst, sharp red tongue, upper respiratory tract infection, and acute bronchitis. Praise.

Huoxiangzhengqi tablets and Huoxiangzhengqi water often carry summer heat and wet heat when they catch a cold in the summer. In addition to fear of cold and fever, they also have body heat, sweat less, or sweat perplexed, upset and thirsty, urinate Short redness , chest tightness, dizziness, pan-evil appetite, bowel diarrhea, sore body, white tongue greasy embolism. At this time, you should choose Huoxiangzhengqi tablets or Huoxiangzhengqi water, which is not only convenient to take, but also can effectively dehumidify the skin , qi and neutralize, so enjoy a high reputation.

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