5 tricks to keep you away from dark yellow skin in winter

The so-called cover-up and ugliness, the yellow color not only makes us look unconscious, but also may be considered to be weak spleen and stomach, malnutrition. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that yellow complexion means moisture in the body and weak spleen and stomach. How can we improve our skin tone in our daily lives?

Everyone knows the importance of drinking water. Women need to replenish water. Naturally, they have good skin. Therefore, they insist on drinking 1 cup of boiling water after getting up every morning. The role of intestinal detoxification.

The dull and dull complexion appears to be caused by inadequate nutrition, but rather is due to the fact that the cuticle of the epidermis of the face is not properly metabolized. The exfoliation of the facial skin is one of the methods to quickly change the dullness , dullness, and dullness of the skin. After exfoliation, the facial skin can not only make the facial skin fair and tender, but also make skin care products nutritious Quickly penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin, nourishes the skin, and brightens the complexion of the skin on the face.

Don t underestimate a small mask, do it about once or twice a week. After long-term adherence, you will find that the mask improves the skin very effectively, it can replenish, whiten, and remove acne. However, people with dark yellow skin need to pay attention to hydrating, so it is recommended to moisturize the face with moisturizing water before applying the mask. Such a small action can double the effect of applying the mask.

Milk: Drink more milk, especially pure milk. The claim that milk can make people white is scientific, so you must always pay attention to the habit of drinking milk.

We In daily life, we need to improve the skin. In addition to the necessary daily skin care, we also need to adjust the diet internally so that we can completely improve the skin from the inside out. Always make time to make a mask, so that the skin will not be dehydrated, and the skin with water can be full of vitality.

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