Winter health care for the elderly

The weather is cold in winter. The elderly can eat more meat and high-calorie foods to supplement the calories appropriately, but it should also be moderated. If the food is too fat, the phlegm will be damp and it will be harmful to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

In winter, you can choose to eat bitter foods such as bitter gourd, ginkgo, and eat less salty things, for health care, prevention is a certain effect. However, if the elderly have a good physique, there is no need to supplement them in large quantities, as long as they pay attention to daily life adjustment.

After winter, the days are short and the nights are long. The elderly must adapt to the changes, add clothes in a timely manner, and adjust the rest time. In winter, the elderly should sleep adequately and regularly, and go to bed early and get up late. It is generally believed that the elderly sleep in winter for 7 to 9 hours is appropriate.

Daily life also includes regular bowel movements. For longevity, the intestine is always clear. In the winter, due to the inconvenience of going to the toilet and few activities, the elderly often cannot maintain daily stool. However, if the stool is not understood for a long time, the intestine will absorb harmful substances in the stool, which will promote the development of some senile diseases.

Elderly people have less outdoor activities in winter, but they still have to exercise. Winter morning exercises should not be premature, and should be carried out after the sun comes out. Activities should be mastered degree, the way to keep in good health, often want to work a little, but not too tired .

The old man must keep his youthful heart, look at the people around him in a positive and kind manner, and when he encounters the unpleasant things, he should smile for a moment. The emotional optimism can promote the smooth running of the blood and blood in the body and ensure the normal function of the internal organs.

External evil refers to the factors that may cause diseases from the outside. The righteousness of the elderly is relatively weak. As the viscera tissue ages, its function gradually declines. If you feel external evils again, the disease will be more severe after the onset of illness.

For example, during the epidemic of infectious diseases, the elderly not only have a high infection rate, but also have a high proportion of complications. Especially in winter, the elderly are extremely susceptible to colds and often induce pneumonia. Therefore, in the winter , the elderly must not only keep warm and keep warm, but also try to avoid going to public places and wearing masks when going out.

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