What to eat after losing weight depends on a bowl of soup!

What to eat to lose weight after giving birth? In Korea, a bowl of carefully prepared kelp soup is the best feedback for mothers. Kelp is rich in soluble fiber, which is very helpful for postpartum weight loss.

Speaking of Korean cuisine, you may think of typical symbols such as rice cakes, kimchi noodles, and fried chicken beer. In fact, South Korea also has a very ordinary home-made food, which often appears in Korean dramas, which is a favorite of Koreans, and that is-seaweed soup. The most important thing for a Korean birthday is not to eat a birthday cake, but also to boil a bowl of sweet seaweed soup with the salty sea breeze on the sea. I dont know, the seaweed soup is a tonic for the pregnant women in South Korea. People pay their respects to their mothers. After all, mothers have made many sacrifices in order to have children. In other words, does seaweed soup really have such amazing effects ?

Koreans think that algae is good for postpartum conditioning, so there is a tradition of eating kelp. Kelp soup is regarded as a nourishing sacred product, which is cheap and nutritious. In addition, kelp is rich in protein, vitamin A, minerals, easy to absorb, and has great benefits to the body. In addition, kelp contains soluble fiber, which is easier to digest and absorb than normal fiber, assists smooth bowel movements, and is helpful for postpartum weight loss.

Wash the kelp knots and soak them. Wash and drain the beef and cut into small pieces. Put a little garlic, soy sauce and sesame oil and marinate for 10 minutes.

Pour a little sesame oil into the shabu-shabu. Heat the oil and stir-fry the cut beef cubes for about 3 minutes. Then pour in an appropriate amount of water and cook on medium heat for 50 minutes.

The real Korean kelp is different from the kelp on the Chinese market. The texture is soft and soft. When dried, it is similar to the seaweed in China and can be purchased on the imported goods shelves in the supermarket.

If you want to recover your body after giving birth, you may wish to boil a bowl of hot kelp soup. The kelp is rich in potassium, and beef can fully supplement the energy of the human body.

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