What are the alternatives of radio wave peeling?

Radio wave skin wrinkle removal is quite safe. It can make the subcutaneous temperature reach 45-60 ℃, but it will not burn the skin. This is because during the operation, the epidermis is cooled to 1 ° C in advance, and most of the radio wave energy is pushed deep into the skin to protect the epidermis from being burned. At the same time, the collagen tissue in the deep layer of the skin is heated to 45-60 ° C. Instantly shrinks and effectively stimulates collagen regeneration, so electric wave lifting wrinkle has no side effects on the skin during treatment. However, there are also some postoperative reflections of radio wave skinning as a surgery, which may cause some short-term adverse reactions after surgery because some patients skin is more sensitive .

A few experienced people have a strong tolerance and high energy usage. At that time, they did not feel special after the operation, but they felt pain when they touched the skin with their hands. This is normal and disappears in about three days.

Some dry aging skin will have skin atrophy after the first treatment, or see a slight depression in the skin. The radio-frequency radio-frequency heat energy will cause the skin to lose some of the water, but the skin will become fuller in the early stage of the neonatal process. Normal condition You will see skin changes around the third day.

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