How is the effect of iridescent freckle?

Freckle removal is needed by many friends, because the little spots on the face affect our appearance. So how can you remove these stains safely and effectively? Experts introduce that the colored light freckle is a commonly used method at present. Are you clear about the effect of colored light freckle?

The lady is most afraid of having spots on her face. The spots appear on the face of the lady, which makes the lady embarrassed, makes the lady dare not go out every day, and even dares not to participate in the party of friends. What is the effect of iridescent freckle?

Expert analysis: For those who have been troubled by spots on the face, you can choose the method of freckle light spot, chase away the spots on the face, and the principle of freckle skin rejuvenation is to illuminate the medical beam on the spot of the face, Light energy breaks down the silent pigment particles in the skin and passes it through the blood circulation to be excreted from the urinary system through metabolism in the New Town. Iridescent light contains a variety of photons, lasers, and ultraviolet light, so it is often called composite color light.

In fact, the effect of colored light freckle is related to its principle. It mainly uses the specific wavelength of strong light to break down the melanocytes in the skin tissue. The diameter of this beam is about 0.2 to 0.3 cm. There will be some mild pain but it will not cause any damage to our skin. After treatment, our skin will have some burning sensations, and some people will have bleeding. These are normal phenomena, and then there will be rashes, which will be about a week or ten days later. Slowly, it should be noted that we should not scrape it with our fingers, but let it fall off by itself. The skin will return to normal after half a month.

How is the effect of iridescent freckle? This is related to many factors. Beauty seekers must pay attention to care after treatment, and the choice of institutions requires everyone to be cautious. Be sure to choose a regular plastic and cosmetic institution to avoid adverse phenomena …

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