Great summer solar terms

The summer heat is just around the time of mid-volt, when the temperature is highest in the year. At this time, it is easy to lose heart qi, especially the elderly, children, and physically weak people are often unable to withstand the heat, causing problems such as heat stroke, dizziness, palpitations, chest tightness, inattention, and sweating.

To resolve these symptoms, the best way is to arrange work reasonably, pay attention to the combination of work and rest; avoid exposure to the sun; pay attention to indoor cooling; ensure adequate sleep; pay attention to diet hygiene, and correct diet can help the body resist the invasion of heat and humidity, You can eat more melon, barley, poria, yam and other foods. The best way is to use these ingredients to make porridge or soup.

If you feel dizzy, you can also use aromatic plants to relieve dizziness. For example, fresh citronella leaves, mint leaves, and Perrin are used for soup or porridge. Because the main effect of fresh Aquilegia leaves is aroma and turbidity, relieving heat and relieving the heat; the main effect of mint is to evacuate wind-heat, relieve pharyngeal and rash, and relieve liver and diarrhea, but Wang Wenhui also reminded Damp heat is mainly used in summer, and it is feasible to take fragrant fresh leaves for health care, but care must not be taken to use it as a method for treating diseases. Moreover, neither Huoxiang and mint should be fried for a long time. Taking Huoxiang as an example, the aroma will disappear after cooking for a long time, and the original effect will not be achieved. Therefore, it is best to be a few minutes before the porridge and soup are cooked. Just put in.

The summer heat is the year with the highest temperature and the strongest yang. There is often a saying in the health care of winter disease and summer treatment, so it is the best treatment time for those chronic diseases that occur in winter, especially in summer health. Careful maintenance, focus on prevention and treatment.

But not all chronic diseases can be treated with summer weather, and it depends on the individual s physical fitness. Experts say that the summer sun is strong, and the cure is to use moxibustion and other methods to supplement the Yang Qi to achieve healing effects. Generally, those who The diseases that are susceptible to winter, that is, yang deficiency, can be treated in winter and summer. For example, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchial asthma, diarrhea, rheumatism and other yang deficiency diseases. People with the above-mentioned chronic diseases can take advantage of the summer heat to cure the disease. If some chronic patients with physical constitution are not suitable for this treatment Already.

In summer, water is also very important and indispensable for fitness and longevity in the human body. As the saying goes, People are made of water, it makes sense. Water accounts for about 70% of the human body s weight. The traditional method of cooling off heat is to highly value drinking plain water.

I need to remind that in order to understand that thirsty people drink too much water at one time, they do not know that this will increase the burden on the heart, cause the blood concentration to drop rapidly, and even appear panic, shortness of breath , and sweating. Therefore, in the hot season, if you are very thirsty, you should drink a small amount of water and stop for a while.

The summer weather is hot and you can use porridge to nourish your body. Li Shizhen believes that congee and the stomach are the best diet. The medical profession recognizes that porridge can nourish yin, produce hair and stomach, strengthen the spleen and stomach , and supplement deficiency, so it is the most suitable to support people. Porridge is boiled at a relatively low temperature and for a long time, which can reduce the breakdown of protein and fat and the loss of vitamins, and enable some minerals to be dissolved in the soup, making the porridge more nutritious.

In the summer heat and solar terms, the typical Dushu porridge can be selected from mung bean lily porridge, watermelon green porridge and barley adzuki bean porridge. These ingredients have the effect of refreshing qi, clearing the spleen and nourishing the stomach, and can help the citizens to live a good summer.

Peony congee is suitable for the elderly, children, and those with weak spleen and stomach. If you drink porridge in the summer, you can put some herbs such as Huaishan and Poria, which will have better dehumidification effect.

In addition, the hot summer season is very hot and people are prone to liver fire, and often have problems such as inexplicable upset, listlessness, and loss of appetite, also known as emotional heat stroke. Emotional heat stroke is very harmful to summer health and physical and mental health, especially the elderly and frail people. Due to emotional disorders, it can cause myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and elevated blood pressure, and even cause sudden death.

During the summer heat season, the weather in Dongguan is often sultry and humid, and the human body feels hot. Therefore, you must avoid the sauna days in your summer heat. You should avoid going out and moving as much as possible in sweltering weather. In order to let moisture out of the body, try to take less active activities such as walking in the morning and evening when the temperature is slightly lower.

In addition, experts also emphasized that patients with a chronic medical history in San Fu Tian, ​​especially middle-aged and elderly people, are far more likely to have cardiac and cerebrovascular accidents than young people. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people must avoid excessive physical exertion when exercising in high summer heat. Sports, such as fast running, equipment sports, etc.

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