Great heat should be meditation; prevent emotional heat stroke

The hot summer days bring more than just physical discomfort to busy modern people, and emotional distress is becoming increasingly apparent. Summer affective disorder is getting more and more attention, and psychologists call it emotional heat stroke.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a health theory of correspondence to heaven and man, that is, the human body s mentality, psychology, and mood will undergo subtle changes with natural and seasonal climate changes. Climate change will cause changes in physical and mental emotions. The hot summer season is extremely hot and hot, and people are prone to liver fire, which can cause upsets, listlessness, disordered thinking, loss of appetite, irritability and anxiety. This is caused by emotional heat stroke. Modern medical physiology also believes that: human nerve cells are highly sensitive to changes in meteorological elements such as summer air temperature, air pressure, humidity, and airflow. High temperature climate will affect the emotional regulatory center of the blood and brain in the human body , and then affect the neural activity and The secretion of endocrine hormones produces a series of symptoms similar to heatstroke. Emotional heat stroke is very harmful to summer health and physical and mental health. Especially in frail elderly people, myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and elevated blood pressure can be caused by emotional disorders, and even sudden death can occur. Therefore, people must pay attention to the following points to prevent the occurrence of emotional heat stroke:

First, we must meditation to maintain health. As the saying goes, A calm heart is naturally cool. The hotter the day, the more calm we must be, and try to maintain a calm and peaceful mood. Don t be sullen. When you encounter unpleasant things, learn to transfer your emotions. When you are upset, you can think about a green forest and a blue sky, and calm down.

Second, to ensure sleep. Mood and sleep are also closely related. Not getting enough sleep can make you irritable. People who often work upside down or stay up late for a long time are usually also emotionally unstable. Because 11 pm to 1 am is the time for the qi and blood to return to the viscera. At this time, the blood returns to the liver to store the essence (energy). If you do not sleep, the energy cannot be stored, and the liver will become yin and yin, and the yin and yang will lose harmony …

Third, we need to adjust our diet. Daily diet should try to avoid eating greasy foods and eat more light foods, which can not only prevent heatstroke, but also increase appetite. Pay attention to drinking more water to regulate body temperature and improve blood circulation . Eat more clear fire foods and beverages, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, green tea, etc.

Fourth, pay attention to nourishing qi. Daily life should be maintained in a hurry and calm state. In daily life, you must keep your movements in a hurry, let your breathing be even and orderly, and qi will naturally harmonize Qi is smooth, it is transformed into sufficient energy, and the body and mind are stretched and relaxed, and the heart is naturally calm.

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