9 main principles of Daxue’s health and longevity

When is the heavy snowfall? What does Daxue solar health eat? Every year from December 7th to 8th is the heavy snow festival in the 24 solar festivals. The arrival of heavy snow and solar terms indicates that it is officially the coldest time in winter, and the weather is dry and the humidity is low. At this time, health care is particularly important. Traditional Chinese medicine is known as yang nourishment in spring, summer, and nourish yin in autumn and winter, so winter belongs to yin, and it is based on solid yin essence. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Daxue solar term is a good time to nourish and recuperate, so Daxue solar terms What exactly should be done for health? Traditional Chinese medicine reminds Daxue of solar health to have 9 principles, which can make you healthy all winter.

Winter is yin, based on solid protective yin essence, should be less fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the cold invasion in winter. But don t be warm, especially thick clothes and thick fur, drunk to the fire, roast the abdomen, sweating excessively.

Daisetsu Solar is characterized by dryness and low air humidity. In addition, clothing should increase as the temperature decreases, it should be kept warm and close to the body, to prevent the skin from sweating, and to protect the yang from invasion. At night , the temperature will be lower. When you lie down at night, you need to add more clothes to keep your limbs warm and blood flowing smoothly. This can avoid many diseases, such as colds, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, and cerebral thrombosis.

During the heavy snow season, everything is hidden, and health must conform to the laws of nature, and work hard on the word Tibetan. Living and recuperating should go to bed early and get up early, and converge, and especially in the south, keep the lungs clear. The temperature difference between morning and night is very different. The elderly must live carefully and exercise appropriately to enhance their ability to adapt to climate change.

The so-called moderation is just right. Don t go too far. If you are overly cautious, it will lead to inadequate maintenance. If you work a little, you will be afraid of exhausting your energy. If you have a difference in heat and heat, you wont be able to close your door. If you eat, you may be fat and fat, and go on a diet. It is even more impossible to end all days.

Comprehensive rehabilitation should be moderate. Some people regard tonic as a nourishment, so the diet emphasizes nutrition, and food must be supplemented; the daily life emphasizes ease, and the only way to rest is quiet; in addition, supplementary medicine is used as a supplement. Although dietary supplements, medicinal supplements, and stillness are all in the category of health, but too much use will affect health. Just as some people have too much nutritional supplements, there will be excess nutrition, excessive rest and restlessness will lead to dynamic and static disorders, if too much nutritional supplements will lead to excessive yin and yang, which will cause the body s metabolism to be out of control.

Always keep your feet clean and dry, wash your socks regularly, and wash your feet with warm water every day, while massaging and stimulating your feet. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day and move your feet. In addition, choosing a pair of comfortable, warm and lightweight shoes with good moisture absorption is also very important.

Although sweating and urination are reduced in winter, the cells of the brain and body organs still need water to nourish them to ensure normal metabolism. In winter, daily hydration should not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 milliliters.

Winter makes people feel physically and mentally depressed. The best way to change your mood depression is to exercise, such as jogging, dancing, ice skating, playing basketball, etc., all are good medicines to eliminate winter boredom and maintain your spirit.

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