6 weight-loss mistakes that lead to weight loss failure

Sleeping too little and dont know since when someone started to believe that sleeping less can lose weight, so I started to sleep late, but in fact, less sleep will not lose weight but will gain weight, because the glucose and insulin levels in the blood will increase, Breaking the body s metabolism balance is very unfavorable to weight loss. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you must directly maintain normal sleeping habits. It is best to guarantee 8 hours of sleep per day.

Insufficient water for drinking. A companion who wants to lose weight is the most waterless partner, because during the process of weight loss, wastes caused by fat breakdown in the body, processed protein residues, etc. will be discharged with the water. Drink plenty of water. Prepare a 1L kettle and drink up the water in one day.

Dieting to lose weight is so guilty of starvation, and it makes sense to lose weight. Losing weight after dieting is also a very effective way to lose weight, but you cannot starve blindly. Because when the calorie intake is not enough, especially when the protein intake is not enough, they will secretly store the energy they consume instead of consuming it, and they will quickly gain weight once they resume their diet. Therefore, if you want to use dieting tips to lose weight, you must strictly control the number of calories you intake, and ensure that you have 1,600-1800 calories per day.

Eating too fine food Generally speaking, the more refined the food is, the worse it is for the weight loss program. Because these foods have less and less fiber, so eating more coarse grains is the right choice for weight loss.

Exercise alone is indeed an effective way to lose weight, but it s obviously not right to rely on exercise alone to lose weight, because people usually eat more in order to replenish the calories they consume after exercise. More weight, weight can not be reduced naturally.

If you want to use these four words to describe the speed of your meal, your weight loss plan will usually not go well, because the speed of your meal is too fast, it is very convenient to finish your meal. You eat too much when your stomach is too late to signal I m full to the brain, but you eat so fast every time, then eat more every time, how can you lose weight smoothly? So eat You need to chew slowly and taste each bite carefully and thoroughly, then swallow slowly to prolong your time and control your food intake.

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