Tonics are not always suitable for everyone

Is this view correct? In fact, the first step of health care is mental health care, the second is diet health, the third is sports health, and finally the drug health care method.

Traditional Chinese medicine used for health care of middle-aged and elderly people should be a health care method that can be taken when the body is already weak enough to apply the above three methods, or in the case of already suffering from chronic diseases. Tonic traditional Chinese medicine is not like some commercial publicity— Pure natural medicine, no toxic and side effects, Applicable to all kinds of people, etc. In fact, tonic traditional Chinese medicine is mainly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with weak constitution and strong body People do not need to take supplements.

It should be noted that Chinese medicine for tonic is not suitable for children and adolescents. Chinese medicine believes that children are a childlike body and are in the period of growth and development. They should grow in accordance with the normal laws of the human body. If you take too many tonics during childhood, it will be like a sapling, which is not only unhelpful but harmful. We often report precocious puberty and abnormal development due to taking too many supplements containing supplements during childhood. In the young and middle-aged period, the qi is strong, and it is not necessary to take Chinese herbal medicine to strengthen your body. Young adults who are weak for some reason can take some supplementary medicine as appropriate under the guidance of a physician. It can be said that tonic Chinese medicine is mainly applicable to the middle-aged and elderly people who are weak.

Healthy middle-aged and elderly people can maintain their health and prevent diseases through mental health, dietary health, and sports health care methods. The above three methods are both economical and practical and effective health care methods without taking them. Tonic Chinese medicine. A health care expert did not understand how to take supplements for healthy middle-aged and elderly people. He said, Originally, my biological clock is very accurate. Why should you dial it faster?

The biological clock theory has been discovered by life scientists in recent decades. It is a biological phenomenon that occurs in nature and the human body. For example, some flowers open regularly and some birds sing regularly. The human body also regulates physiological functions in accordance with the laws of nature. Rhythm. In addition to self-regulation according to the rule of 24 hours a day, the human body also carries out life processes of life, old age, illness, and death. Therefore, the ancients put forward the theory of working at sunrise and resting at sunset and the theory that the human body should follow nature. Middle-aged and elderly people are in a healthy state like clocks that go very accurately. There is no need to artificially interfere with its operation. Giving supplementary Chinese medicine is just like forcing the human body to move the biological clock, which is very accurate. It is not necessarily a good thing, that is, middle-aged and elderly people do not need to take supplemental Chinese medicine for health care.

However, middle-aged and elderly people are in a state of weakness due to some reason or chronic disease, and when the health, health, diet and exercise methods have failed to achieve results, they should take some supplementary Chinese medicine to nourish the body for the rehabilitation of the body. Middle-aged and elderly people take supplementary Chinese medicine for two main purposes, one is to treat their own deficiency syndromes, and the other is to improve their weak constitution and strengthen their health. Some middle-aged and The elderly people with deficient syndromes can recover health by taking supplemental Chinese medicine, and some people who are weak can also strengthen their physique by supplementary medicine, so supplementary Chinese medicine is only beneficial to those middle-aged and elderly people who are weak.

People think medicine supplement is not as good as food supplement, food supplement is not as good as god supplement. Xia Yanxing, a professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, believes that the three methods cannot be replaced by each other..

Xia Yanxing said that the motherland medicine has long mentioned the same source of medicine and food. The Ministry of Health has published a list of 78 foods that can be used as medicines. Food can be divided into two categories, such as green cabbage, cabbage , and grains. Providing energy and vitamins for the human body is an indispensable substance for human growth and development. The other is a kind of medicinal food, which has four flavors (cold, hot, warm and cool) and five flavors (caprylic acid , bitter and salty). Mung beans, watermelons, and lotus leaves are cold, while onions, ginger, and lamb are warm. Leek and pepper are spicy, honey and jujube are sweet, black plum and hawthorn are sour, bitter gourd and almond are bitter, and sea cucumber and jellyfish are salty. Food is also medicinal and can also be used for tonic treatment.

Yixia Yanxing believes that, compared with medicinal supplements, food supplements have several advantages: First, foods are generally non-toxic, while medicines are different. Nei Jing has recorded: Heavy poisons cure ten to six of them, regular poisons cure ten to seven of them, small poisons cure ten to eight of them, and non-toxic cures ten of nine. If you know what they have committed, treat them with food. The diet will not heal, and then you will take medicine . This shows that treating health with grains, meat, fruits and vegetables will not damage the righteousness. Second, it is easier to obtain food at a lower price. The third is the prescription formula, which is processed and cooked, and is free to take as you like.

As for shenbu, Xia Yanxing said that Chinese medicine believes that the mind is the master of the gods and that the brain is closely related to the internal organs of the human body. People can maintain a happy and contented mood through recuperation , qigong, Taijiquan, and cultivating sentiment. The method makes the internal organs activity balance, and finally uses the yin and yang secret to play a role in curing the disease and strengthening the body.

Xia Yanxing believes that Shen Bu is neither expensive nor easy to learn, but it cannot be considered that Shen Bu can replace food supplements and medicinal supplements. Different adjustment methods should be adopted for different situations. The three methods are best to cooperate with each other. Method of adjustment.

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