Improper weight loss will affect the health of the next generation

Everyone wants a perfect figure, which has become synonymous with beauty, and it is also pursued by many people, but it must be clear that improper weight loss will affect the health of the next generation.

According to a research on the impact of mothers nutritional status on children s early growth and development, the results show that mothers nutritional status directly affects the growth and development of their children, especially for women in the period of growth and development.

春 Chen Chunming, professor of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that many girls have an excessive awareness of weight loss. In school, many underage girls are leaner than others. Some girls with normal weight may be said to be fat, and many girls desperately seek slim. At present, there are mainly two bad phenomena prevailing in girls. One is that people lose weight, and some girls are already below the normal weight standard, and they are eager to lose weight and reduce their diet every day.

For women, the adequacy and comprehensiveness of various nutrients will directly affect the development process and the basis of pregnancy. Therefore, in the teenage years, girls are better off not pursuing slenderness and ignoring the nutritional issues that should be paid most attention to.

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