Eat weight loss postpartum to make you remake beautiful legend

After birth, the hormones of the new mother change greatly. When eating confinement or eating too much wrong food and not exercising often, coupled with sitting at work, it is easy to cause leg obesity. In fact, for postpartum weight loss, as long as you pay attention to diet, you will lose weight when you eat the right thing!

Orientals like to eat starchy foods, such as rice, noodles, bread, cakes, biscuits, etc. These things are most likely to accumulate in the lower body, not only fat but also edema, especially the thighs. Therefore, eat less starch and high sugar foods, try to eat low sugar, high fiber vegetables and fruits to replace high sugar starch foods. And don t think that drinking water will cause edema and not drinking water. In fact, you should drink more water.

It is recommended to eat three meals, do not think that you will lose weight without eating, but nutrition should be balanced, and eat the right food, each meal must follow the ratio of high-fiber vegetables: protein: fruit = 3: 2 : 1.

Vegetables are not just a monotonous way of eating! Green vegetables can be changed from cooking methods. If you like Western style, you can make simple lettuce salad. If you like Chinese style, you can blanch with water or fry with a little oil. You can also add Some stone fruits are garnished, or sprinkled with Shanghai moss, drizzled with tomato sauce, etc., depending on the individual taste can be more varied. Of course, the greens are best eaten raw, and the hot and fried ones come again.

The so-called protein is meat, fish, eggs and other foods. Fish is the best deep-sea fish, such as catfish, salmon, etc. Eggs are best cooked in the form of poached eggs and tea eggs. Others such as poached eggs, etc. can.

Try to use fruit instead of starch. As long as you are hungry between meals, you can use fruit to supplement it. Fruits are best to eat apples, oranges, grapes, kiwis, etc. Fruits rich in vitamins and nutrients can not only help excretion, but also beauty and beauty.

No matter what method you use to lose weight, the diet must take the lead. In addition, you can t wait too long between meals, not more than five hours. Take a small number of meals. If you don t feel hungry during the meal, you can use a fruit belly, so that each meal is not hungry. It s not easy to eat too much at once.

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