What to eat light food for postpartum weight loss

Many new mothers are anxious to restore their pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth. So, how do you lose weight after giving birth? What is good to eat after giving birth? Next, let s take a look at foods that help you lose weight after giving birth!

If you want to achieve weight loss after birth without affecting nutritional intake and milk quality, moms cannot use dieting to lose weight, but use a light diet to adjust their daily diet. Intake more fish, beans, milk and other relatively low-fat nutritious foods, which can help women s postpartum recovery. Sturgeon soup is rich in nutrients, has a prolactin effect, and has a delicious taste. It can also play a role in weight loss while nourishing, and you do not have to worry about gaining weight due to excessive fat intake.

After Women who want a slim body after delivery can appropriately reduce soups with higher fat content, such as pig s foot soup, and drink more nutritious but less fat-rich soups. Kelp soy bean soup is very suitable for mummies who are pursuing a slim figure. Wash the kelp clean, add a handful of soybeans and ribs, and stew until the ribs are fully cooked. The fragrance is delicious, nutritious and healthy. The preparation method is very simple, and the ingredients are easy to purchase, which is definitely a good food for slimming after delivery. Moms need to pay attention to that the kelp must be cleaned. If the sand and attachments on it are not cleaned, it will be unhealthy to eat.

Ravioli contains a lot of dietary fiber and water, and a mineral called glucomannan dietary fiber. This mineral cannot be broken down by digestive enzymes and cannot be absorbed as heat.

Most of the celery is water and cellulose, containing vitamin A and vitamin C. It has a cool taste, can lower blood pressure and blood fat, and can clear internal heat. Celery has celery and tang celery. Tang celery has a better weight loss effect.

Loquat melon does not contain fat, and is rich in fiber, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene and so on. It can diuretic and clear heat, and contains glyceric acid, which can prevent body fat accumulation.

The fat and calories are very low, and the water and cellulose content are high. Eating bean sprouts often can not only lose weight but also be very good for your health. Add a bit of vinegar when you fry to prevent the loss of vitamin B and strengthen your weight loss.

Radish can increase intestinal tension and intestinal peristalsis, shorten food retention time in the intestine, facilitate food metabolism and waste discharge, and achieve weight loss.

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