What is the medicated diet for kidney? 5 medicated diets to make you stronger!

You need a pair of pig kidneys, 50 grams of rice, appropriate amount of salt, ginger, light white and allspice powder. Wash the pig kidneys, cut them carefully in water, cook them together in a pot and cook them into porridge. Put it in and mix well. Take it every morning. This method has the effect of nourishing kidney and impotence, and is suitable for deafness and waist and knee weakness caused by insufficient kidney qi in the elderly.

A pair of pig kidneys, 35 grams of Eucommia and 30 grams of walnut kernels. Cut the pig kidneys in half and above. Put them in a pot and add a small amount of salt to eat. This method has a strong waist and kidney and The effect of nourishing kidney and promoting yang is particularly suitable for symptoms such as frequent urination caused by insufficient kidney yang, coldness of the whole body, tenderness of the waist and knees, and weakness of the whole body.

Requires 200 grams of honey, 100 grams of golden cherries, washed and put them in water and boiled for two hours, then take out the juice, then add water to boil and repeat the process 4 times to remove the juice, then mix together to continue cooking, and finally add Honey can be mixed evenly. This method has the effect of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence. It is especially suitable for patients with poor urination caused by kidney deficiency, increased vaginal discharge of nocturnal emission, and night sweats and insomnia .

Requires 200 grams of walnuts, 150 grams of coriander, an old duck, 100 grams of chicken puree, clean the duck and boil it in boiling water, then put a small amount of cooking wine, ginger, and shallots in the pot Cook, then mix egg whites, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, and salt into a paste, mash the walnuts and walnuts into the paste, and pour in the duck s inner cavity. Put oil in the pan and fry the duck when the oil is hot. This method has the effects of warming the lungs and asthma and tonifying the kidney and strengthening the essence, and can also intestinal and laxative. It is especially suitable for nocturnal emission caused by kidney deficiency, constipation, impotence, waist pain and cough.

Requires 250 grams of raw chestnuts, a pair of pig kidneys, 250 grams of japonica rice, six grams of tangerine peel, ten peppercorns. Wash the pig kidneys and cut them into small pieces. Wash the rice with peppercorns, tangerine peels, chestnuts, and pig kidneys in a pot. Add water to cook porridge, finally pick out the peel and add the seasoning. Chestnut contains a large amount of vitamins, proteins and fats, which can not only nourish kidney qi, but also strengthen the spleen and stomach ; pig kidney has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing the kidney: the combination of the two can nourish the spleen and strengthen the body, suitable for frequent urination caused by kidney deficiency, legs and feet Weakness, waist pain, etc.

The above is to introduce five kinds of medicated diet for kidney tonic. The number of sexual life should be controlled in life, avoid smoking and drinking, maintain a regular life, and not take drugs indiscriminately.

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