There are two mistakes in taking the old man’s medication in a hurry without seeing the medicine

The elderly s physiological function is degraded, and they are susceptible to taking medicine. In clinical practice, the majority of people are at risk due to taking the wrong medicine. We find that this is mainly caused by two reasons.

Some elderly people who suffer from chronic diseases think that they know the disease and medicine very well. They dont look at the instructions when they take the medicine, or they dont know whether the medicine is correct, so they take it urgently.

Now many drug packaging on the market are very similar, especially different varieties of the same manufacturer, generally adopt the same style, it is easy to confuse without careful look. If there are medicines with similar packaging in the house, they should be stored separately or marked with a prominent label as a reminder. Take the medicine carefully before taking it.

The The outer packagings of different specifications of the same drug are also very similar, and the elderly must read them clearly when buying and taking them. When taking medicine, you should also pay attention not to be too anxious to avoid choking.

The elderly sometimes have high expectations for the drug, and soon after taking the drug, it is found to be ineffective, and the drug is added quickly, which may cause excessive drug and bring risks. Epilepsy, Parkinson s and other diseases need to try from a small dose of drugs, do not add or subtract drugs at will to avoid excessive poisoning.

There are also some special dosage forms of drugs that determine their slow onset of action, such as enteric-coated tablets (capsules), which do not disintegrate in the stomach and need to pass through gastric emptying to the intestine before disintegrating and acting. Time , if you increase the drug during this period, it will cause overdose.

These two factors are, in the final analysis, because the elderly have the urge to cure the disease. But to be clear, the recovery of many diseases cannot be achieved overnight. As the saying goes, I can t eat hot tofu , and I shouldn t take medicine too urgently, otherwise I might hurt my body.

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