Take weight loss pills carefully

I dont sleepy during the day. During the course of taking weight-loss pills, I have this kind of symptom: I was a sleepy worm, but just after taking this weight-loss pills for two days, I found that I was particularly excited every night and didn t want to sleep. I cant sleep, I eat significantly less than before, and I have a unique spirit!

Of The diet pills you take may contain amphetamine. In the early stage of taking this medicine, the effect is as described above, but with the development of body resistance, symptoms such as emotional instability, delusions, hallucinations, and sleep disturbances may occur.

And amphetamines are as addictive as drugs. Once addicted, the withdrawal process is very painful, and symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, lethargy, and overeating may occur. Experts advise that this medicine must never be taken lightly.

Dizziness occurs in the process of taking weight-loss pills: I have recently taken weight-loss pills, my appetite has become very poor, I can t eat anything, and I have lost weight, but I feel dizzy, headache, lethargy , and even some palpitations. What s going on?

The Diet pills you take may contain Fen-phen. Fenfen is also an appetite suppressant. One of its main ingredients is fenfluramine.

The US Food and Drug Administration officially banned the use of fenfen for weight loss in September 1997. This is because more than a year after the introduction of fenfen-containing weight-loss drugs, sales have been high, but at the same time it has also brought high Side effects, long-term use may even cause heart valve damage and pulmonary hypertension and other problems.

Xi Fenfen s popularity in China is far less than its main ingredient-Fenflamin. Although Fenflaming has been established as a prescription drug and even prohibited by the state for weight loss, if you pay attention to the small pharmacy around you, you do n t need any prescription and you spend very little money to buy this white Pills-Fenflamin, a psychotherapeutic drug, is sold as the most economical weight-loss drug. What harm does it bring? Who should pay the bill?

My heartbeat accelerated. During the process of taking weight-loss pills, I developed this symptom: I took this weight-loss medicine brought back from abroad by a friend, and I felt that my mouth was dry every day. I drank a lot of water, and my lips cracked the next day. Moreover, headaches, sleeplessness at night, and my heartbeat seem to speed up a lot!

The diet pills you take may contain Sibutramine Meridia. The principle of the drug is to suppress appetite by inhibiting the reabsorption of nerve-conducting substances. Because it is well absorbed through oral administration, it can have a significant weight loss effect within 6 months .

But recently the key drug monitoring department in New Zealand found that this weight loss drug may cause people s memory to be impaired. There is also data to prove that this component not only affects memory, but also other cerebrovascular problems, such as blurred consciousness , dizziness and visual abnormalities.

I also urinate in the process of taking weight-loss pills, and I have this kind of symptoms: After taking this weight-loss pills, I just became a sleeping cat . Why cant I wake up and my lips are always dry, what? I feel exhausted without doing anything, and I am particularly prone to peeing.

Final advice: The medical community generally believes that, so far, no drug has been found in the world that can effectively lose weight without any adverse reactions to the body. Therefore, if you want to lose weight just for beauty, it is best to get it from a professional weight loss doctor. A healthy way of dieting + exercise under treatment and guidance.

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