How to form enterotoxin

There is something called ammonia in our body, which is not a medical concept, but the composition is very complicated. It is a general term given by most academic experts in order to more conveniently describe this harmful substance. This substance cannot be expelled from the gut in time and remains in the wrinkles of our gut for a long time. These garbage mixtures contain a collection of more than 20 harmful substances and carcinogens such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrous acid, which are very harmful and can even poison a cow. This harmful substance is the enterotoxin we often say.

There are many wrinkles and diverticulum in the intestine of our body, and a lot of residues will accumulate. Normal excretion is generally difficult to remove the wrinkles and residues that have accumulated in our body for a long time.

Over time, these residues will attach to the wall of our intestines. Because the pH and temperature in the large intestine of our body are very beneficial for the reproduction of bacteria, these residues will become the source of bacteria and decomposition products, forming a health hazard to our health. Enterotoxin.

The formation of enterotoxicity is closely related to our diet and living habits. Partial eating, eating too much too fine food, preventing eating or eating less vegetables and fruits, and coarse grains and other bad eating habits will cause intestinal waste to be excreted slowly, which will cause toxins. Constant accumulation and absorption in the intestine.

Enterotoxin is continuously absorbed in our intestines, which will not only seriously affect our normal quality of life, but also cause a variety of diseases, so we should promptly remove the enterotoxin from the body.

Studies have found that the toxicity of enterotoxicity is more than that of normal feces in the human intestine. After research, it is found that there are about 22 kinds of harmful substances in normal feces, including hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, biogas, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases and benzene and other harmful heavy metal salts.

Enterotoxin accumulated in the intestine of our body for a long time. The content of bacteria and decomposition products will be higher than that of feces. If a lot of catabolism harmful substances can not be excreted in time, part of it can be absorbed through the colonic mucosa of our body and enter To our liver, it will increase the burden on the liver, damage the liver s detoxifying enzyme system, and damage liver function.

Intestine 1. If intestinal poison is absorbed by our blood, after it penetrates into the whole body, it will cause particularly serious damage to our internal organs, which will also affect the health of our body and the beauty of our face.

2. Enterotoxin can also reduce the filtering function of our lungs against dust and other metal particles. Therefore, with the increase of enterotoxin, our body is prone to problems such as acne, yellowing of the skin, and bad smell in the mouth.

3. Enterotoxicity will also increase the burden of detoxification of our liver, which will cause liver fire to rise, black and yellow, and spots on the face, and our body s resistance will be severely reduced.

4. Enterotoxin will cause toxin accumulation in the lymph fluid around our subcutaneous fat cells, which will cause fat accumulation and obesity. In addition, enterotoxicity will seriously affect the digestive and excretory functions of our stomach, which can easily cause constipation, diarrhea, Fatty belly and bad breath.

5. Enterotoxicity will increase our blood viscosity and blood lipids, which will increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and colon cancer. In addition, enterotoxicity will cause endocrine disorders, qi and blood dysfunction, and early menopause, which will accelerate the aging of the body.

Scientifically clean up the enterotoxicity in the body. It is necessary to properly supplement plant dietary fiber and probiotics, which can effectively remove the toxins accumulated in our body. Because dietary fiber has a very strong ability to absorb water and combine with water, it can allow the volume of accumulated garbage in our intestines to gradually increase, and then speed up its operation, reducing the time for harmful substances to contact the intestinal wall.

Moisture can make our body s metabolism gradually improve. Toxins and wastes in our body must be eliminated by water. To eliminate intestinal poison, the first indispensable is water.

Comprehensive enzymes can effectively help the digestion of proteins and fats. They are also essential for our body s metabolism. When our body s metabolism is normal, toxins are not easy to accumulate.

In addition, enzymes also have a great role in activating the body s natural detoxification mechanism, which can effectively help to eliminate toxins already stored in our body.

Through the above sharing, we realize that the intestinal poison in the body must be cleaned up, because it is very harmful to our health, it will cause a variety of diseases, and it will also cause a lot of embarrassment to our body. Conditions , so we should pay attention to detoxification in our daily lives, supplement water, dietary fiber, enzymes, probiotics and other substances to accelerate the elimination of intestinal toxins. Do all the friends in front of mobile phones and computers understand?

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