Health Care Methods for Different Women Traveling

The newly married Yaner, the couple traveled together, enjoyed the honeymoon in the strange mountains and waters, and deepened each other s feelings and communication, which is the choice of many young people. In order to travel comfortably, it is necessary for the bride to pay more attention to the following aspects.

Comfortable to wear: The bride is young and active, and travels mountains and mountains. Therefore, it is best to wear double shoes, travel shoes or casual shoes when going out. These shoes are comfortable to wear and can reduce travel fatigue. Stiletto women s leather shoes should be avoided to prevent falls and sprains. Hot summer

To travel in the season, to protect against the sun, the bride should wear a sun hat and sunglasses, and also apply sunscreen and body lotion, but it is not advisable to wear heavy makeup. For honeymoon during winter travel, you should wear light , soft and warm clothes, and down jackets and space cotton clothes are the most suitable. Because of sweating during travel, it is best to use underwear with good sweat absorption and non-irritating cotton. It is not suitable to wear polyester resin-lined bras and chemical fiber briefs. Such fabrics have poor permeability and sweat is not easy to evaporate. Polyester fibers stimulate the nipples and After the perineal mucosa, it is easy to induce mammary duct obstruction and vulvar pruritus.

Persistent contraception: travel honeymoon, tired all the way. After staying at the hotel, even if you have a condition to take a bath to relax your body, it is not possible to completely eliminate the fatigue of the day. Besides, the next day , we will continue to play. From the perspective of eugenics, it is not appropriate to conceive during the honeymoon of newlyweds, because the sexual life of newlyweds is frequent, the sperm quality is not high, and it is not good for the healthy development of the fetus. Obstetrics and gynecology experts believe that women who become pregnant as soon as they get married are more likely to suffer from pregnancy poisoning than women who get pregnant one year after marriage. This is closely related to the excessive fatigue and frequent sexual life of newlyweds. Therefore, for their own health and eugenics, contraception should be adhered to when traveling in the same room. Therefore, travel honeymoon should have enough contraceptives.

Prevent honeymoon disease: Travel honeymoon, romantic and happy, and sexual life is more frequent. At this time, if you do not pay attention to sexual organ hygiene or the menstrual period of the bride, sexual intercourse will easily make the bride infected with honeymoon diseases such as upper urethritis, bladder cystitis, pyelonephritis, and endometritis. To prevent honeymoon disease, first, make honeymoon tourism avoid the women s menstrual period; second, wash the vulva, including the labia majora, glans, foreskin, and coronary sulcus before sexual life; third, wash underwear frequently; fourth, control sexual life to avoid excessive Consumption of physical strength affects travel. Fifth, honeymoon travel is best arranged after the third day of the wedding, and the travel time is not too long, it is advisable to 3 to 7 days.

After a woman is pregnant, it is not suitable to travel out of consideration from the perspective of the health of the fetus and mother. However, for some reason, pregnant women do need to travel long distances.

Choose the right time: Travel options for pregnant women are the safest during the fourth to sixth week of pregnancy. Because the pregnancy response has passed during this time, the heavy belly poop and swelling of the legs and feet have not yet appeared, so it is the best time for pregnant women to travel. It is not advisable to travel long distances during the third trimester, so as to avoid bumps on the vehicle and stimulate the mother and fetus or fatigue on the journey, which may cause premature birth and cause delivery on the way.

Well-prepared: pregnant women must do three must before travelling: they must contact the obstetrician and finish the entire itinerary with the doctor to get the doctor s technical guidance; they must prepare loose, comfortable and soft clothes and footwear , Bring a pillow or cushion suitable for yourself when traveling; must be accompanied by at least one person to ensure that you take good care and safety during the trip.

Choose transportation carefully: pregnant women travel long distances should choose planes, trains, ships, which are both stable, comfortable and safe. Taking a car is the next best thing, because bumpy journeys and jumping are the first factors that cause miscarriage. Pregnant women should wear seat belts when flying. It is best to choose seats close to the aisle when flying and trains. This is convenient for standing and moving the lower limbs frequently to prevent puffiness. It is also convenient to go to the bathroom, go to the toilet or get on and off.

Strict prevention of diseases: pregnant women suffering from cold fever, diarrhea and dehydration are the main causes of miscarriage. Therefore, when traveling long distances, you must change your clothes in time according to the climate change to prevent colds. To prevent diseases, it is also very important to pay attention to food hygiene during the trip. Wash your hands before and after meals, do not eat cold and dirty food, and do not drink raw water. Especially do not eat food from the hawkers and hawkers at stations and docks.

Radon, food and water are transmitted. Even if the pregnant woman is infected with the virus, even if there is no abortion, the fetus in the abdomen may be stunted or deformed. Therefore, pregnant women are prohibited from traveling to infectious disease areas. On the way, choose a flat road. Walk slowly and keep your pace steady to prevent slipping and falling. Avoid noise, radiation, smoke, etc. immediately.

Prevent Accidents: Because elderly women s physical functions are declining and their movements are slow, they should exercise caution when going out. Car, boat, boarding, and mountain climbing must be carefully arranged, and it is best to take care of your family . Adventure and other items should be carried out within their means, and it is enough. When You Xinggao is high, the principle of not feeling tired should be used to prevent accidents caused by happiness.

Prepare medicines: Elderly women suffer more from chronic diseases. When traveling, in addition to medicines for regular clothes, special emergency medicines should be prepared. For example: patients with coronary heart disease should carry lozenges or isopropyl nitrite sprays, quick-acting Jiuxin pills ; patients with hypertension or diabetes should bring antihypertensive and hypoglycemic drugs, and those with insulin should also prepare oral sugar so that they can Treat hypoglycemia or hypoglycemia in time.

Rescuing a fall: In case of a fall during travel, the escort should not rush up first, but first pay attention to observation and find the cause of the fall, such as falling on uneven ground, which is likely to be related to the road ; if falling in the toilet, it may Defecation is caused by syncope or cerebrovascular accident. Symptoms of elderly women after falling should also be carefully observed, such as foaming in the mouth, unconsciousness, and convulsions, which may be epilepsy; such as paleness and slight pulse, may be an orthostatic hypotension reaction; such as moaning in the mouth, not If you move your limbs, you may have dislocations or fractures. Move slowly during first aid and do not use excessive force. After a simple on-site treatment, they should be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Carrying a walking stick: The walking stick is known as the third leg of the elderly. Older women with ineffective legs and feet need it to help them especially when traveling.

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