Dietary program to control postpartum weight loss

Many new mothers are anxious to restore their pre-pregnancy figure after giving birth. So, how to lose weight after giving birth? Next, let s take a look at the diet plan for losing weight after giving birth!

If the mother is still breastfeeding, although she wants to lose weight in her heart, she still needs to feed her baby with breast milk. Therefore, she must not lack all kinds of nutrients and also need to take in enough calories.

Reduce unnecessary high-calorie intake. For example, oily foods such as churros, you can add a small amount of beef, chicken, etc. to your normal diet to balance nutrient intake.

If you do not eat breakfast, it will only reduce your body s metabolism rate and reduce the effect of weight loss. If you do not eat dinner or lunch, your body will not absorb the corresponding energy, but will seek to eat more from other aspects, and will damage the stomach.

So be sure to eat three meals regularly, or eat less frequently. In short, you cannot lose weight without eating, you can only reduce the amount of intake. Since the amount of activity during the day is higher than that at night, you can eat more portions for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, you can reduce the intake of dinner. Do not eat after late at night.

Attention In the usual diet, pay attention to light. Most of the traditional Chinese diets pay attention to the oil is enough and the heat is coming. But in fact, a greasy diet is not suitable for postpartum mothers.

Deep-fried food must be avoided. In addition, the oil added to dry noodles and soup noodles will make the noodles taste better, but the heat is relatively high; not only thick soup, but also cream, salt water High-calorie ingredients; foods cooked with high oil, such as Chinese thickened dishes, also have high calories.

Because vegetables have a lot of fiber, when chewing vegetables, they will bite the mouth multiple times, causing the nerves in the mouth to emit signals to eat multiple times. When the vegetables enter the stomach, they will absorb water and swell, which will easily make the stomach full. sense. Therefore, it is recommended that mothers eat more vegetables and high-fiber foods, and it is best to eat before meals, first drink soup or eat vegetable foods to reduce the intake of staple foods.

As mentioned above, you need to add enough calories, but you need to ensure nutritional balance. Then you need to eat vegetables and fruits, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other foods to get the nutrients you need.

The weight of vegetables and fruits is the most important. But don t completely refuse to eat carbohydrates. Not eating carbohydrates will not only supply breast milk, but may also lead to health effects such as ketotoxicity in the long run.

So pay attention to a balanced diet, do not overdo everything. In addition, some foods should be eaten as little as possible, such as cakes, candy, biscuits, carbonated drinks and other foods with high unsaturated sugars, which will stimulate insulin secretion, which will gradually convert blood sugar into fat and store it in body cells.

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