Common disease treatment summer treatment method

In the summer season, the air is dry and dry, which is prone to cough and phlegm, dry throat discomfort, dry nose, dry mouth, and hot hands and feet. Some diseases are also prone to relapse or exacerbation under the action of Qiuzao , such as bronchiectasis and tuberculosis. Therefore, in this solar term, we provide you with self-care methods for the following common diseases:

TB is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can affect multiple organs throughout the body, but tuberculosis is the most common. Carriers are a source of social infection. The human body does not necessarily become infected after being infected with tuberculosis. It only starts when the resistance is low.

Rheumatic heart valve disease, also known as chronic rheumatic heart disease, refers to a heart disease mainly caused by heart valve disease left over after acute rheumatic carditis. The weather is getting colder in autumn and it is easy to induce this disease.

How to use: Wash and slice the old tea tree roots, put them into a casserole with glutinous rice wine, add decoction, and remove residue. Take 1 dose each night before bedtime.

Indications: Deficiency of heart and kidney, rheumatic heart disease with flooding and wetness, symptoms of palpitations, asthma, restlessness, dizziness, chest tightness, thirst without drinking, shortness of urine, puffiness throughout the body, coldness of the cold limbs, and paleness .

Phrenic neurasthenia is a common neurological disorder. Patients often feel inadequate mental and physical strength, are prone to fatigue, have low work efficiency, and often experience physical discomfort such as headaches and sleep disturbances, but no organic lesions exist.

Indications: Cardiac and spleen-deficient neurosis, insomnia, palpitations, insomnia, susceptibility to awakening, timidity, dizziness, forgetfulness, loss of appetite, less bloating, pale skin, thin body, fatigue, and irregular menstruation

Hemorrhoids are swellings of blood vessels inside and outside the anus. Causes include heredity, aging, pregnancy, chronic diarrhea, and excessive use of laxatives for constipation. In the autumn, the air is dry and lacks moisture, and the regulating function of the human body is easy to be disordered, and dry stools and constipation may occur to induce hemorrhoids.

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