Love eating lady’s experience of successful weight loss

There are such a group of people who have never really been fat, but they are aware of fat, and they also do some exercise and control their mouth licks before going to bed. The body naturally develops, has curves, and often wears skirts and hot pants.

You must think that their curves have been carefully managed, do not indulge, not lose control, and methodically push fat to the ideal location, but when you stay with them, you feel that in fact they are purely letting their bodies self-destruct. Eating happily and boldly. This is the rule summarized by delicious and not fat tortoises-keep slim, when you don t need lose weight!

I belong to the lucky person who cant eat fat. But after looking at my life, diet, and exercise rules, you will find that luck is traceable-although I like food, my list of foods does not include chocolate and ice cream as weight loss busters. And I never drink anything, only tea and mineral water. My job requires me to stand or walk around a lot of times, so it is not easy for the waist and abdomen to grow fat. By nature , I go to the gym at least three times a week, full aerobics, and two to three yoga sessions. On weekends, I also invite friends to play badminton or go swimming. Exercise is the best way to relax. You can decompress and recharge your body and mind to the greatest extent, and you can also enhance your relationship with friends during exercise. I am very willing to spend my free time on sports, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Wu Wenyu was dissatisfied with his figure. One was that he felt his arms were a bit thick and would appear stronger, affecting the overall beauty. Regarding this distress, the editor suggested to do some local shaping exercises on the basis of her insistence on exercise , such as doing 3 sets of arm exercises with 1 kg of small dumbbells a day, dumbbell curls, dumbbell flat arms, and dumbbell birds in turn., Do about 10 moves per group to make the fat on the inner side of the forearm firmer . Another point is that the thigh circumference needs to shrink. This local exercise still depends on the equipment. There are leg exercisers to choose from, and some leg stretching exercises of yoga are also worth learning.

She has not been confident enough about her face shape, feels that the fat is very disobedient, and always grows on the face. She has also tried the thin face method in magazines and TV shows, but found it useless. Face shape is natural. If there is a big change, maybe local liposuction during plastic surgery can still start. It is usually effective to do more massage to tighten the muscles on the face.

When Lu and Wenyu talked about the topic of weight loss, she kept giving me some hints to change some descriptions of her life, because I always felt that some preferences were too unhealthy to fit on the Healthy page. For example, love hot pot, barbecue, sleep. And I looked at this girl who smiled brightly and was tall and tall, and naturally got a good figure without putting much pressure on herself, which is indeed jealous and skeptical.

I have contacted many beautiful girls. Their slenderness has to pay a high price. They are always restrained when they see temptations. They are afraid to use chopsticks when eating with friends. Sometimes they are full and even go to the throat. Fat.

雨 Wen Yu was quite satisfied with her figure. She has never deliberately lost weight, and in keeping with the nature of the tortoise, she is very interested in food. When traveling alone, she will not let go of those restaurants that are already well -known on the Internet. She will have to experience it for herself. Her Fathead Fish blog has long been fond of this. Maybe travel life has rewritten some of her living habits and ideas. While enjoying the customs of other places, she gradually realized the true taste of life. That requires a little rationality, some discipline, and a lot of passion. And these are the basis of enjoyment It is her attitude to health summary-not just simple weight loss and exercise, but a simple, light, hard-working attitude. It is necessary to have a light and reasonable diet, take an active part in exercise, work optimistically and passionately, and finally have a healthy and lean body, so that you have the capital to travel far.

As for getting a good figure now, it is not accidental at all. Her yoga teacher once said, It s easy and desirable for a girl to be slender when she is 20 years old, but if you can keep this sula to be 30, 40, or even 50 years old, then it is true. Master. She worked hard in this direction, taking health and slimness as a practice, and finding happiness and satisfaction in this practice.

Wen Yu, who used to love meat, has recently begun to transform her dietary ideas. She and her husband now have new goals-intending to become vegetarian after the age of 30.

When last year s health concept promoted a light life, they were still a mixed diet, and they preferred delicious food. In the process of her husband s weight loss, they collectively summarized an experience that diet must be light. In this transformation process, try to be vegetarian as much as possible, but if you dont consume animal fat for a week and feel panicked, maybe it s the cause of stupidness. Actually, I feel that the body s energy is still sufficient.

Chinese New Year is a node for weight loss. During this period, the big fish and meat fill up the stomach with each meal, and the weight will increase by 2 ~ 3 kilograms. However, the light diet for two weeks after the New Year , and then control the dinner slightly, weight It s back to normal. Wen Yu has repeatedly emphasized that recovery is also important. This is the key to consuming excess fat in her arms and thighs.

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