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Calcium promotes the development of human skeleton and teeth and increases the permeability of cells. Calcium in the form of ions in the blood is a commonly used electrolyte. Adults lack calcium can cause diseases such as crying at night and convulsions. The problems caused by calcium deficiency are not just bone pain or leg cramps, inattention, anemia, vision loss, etc., are all related to calcium deficiency in some parts of your body. Calcium deficiency is sometimes not calcium deficiency, but calcium does not flow to where it is really needed. In order to add calcium effectively, in addition to adding enough calcium, you need to understand what kind of calcium you lack.

Why does a little thing make you restless, but others are calm? Calcium is an indispensable substance for brain neuron metabolism. Sufficient calcium can effectively inhibit the excitement of the brain nerves and prevent the symptoms of insomnia and dreams caused by abnormal nerve excitement. For every 1% decrease in calcium in brain neurons, mental excitement increases by 10%. In a busy work and a stressful life, a slight loss of brain calcium is a good thing, but if this is the case every day, insomnia, forgetfulness and even depression will come to you early! The best food to supplement brain calcium is beans, such as soybeans, Tofu, dried tofu, etc.

Ladies are over dieting to build a beautiful figure, but you will accidentally miss a lot of high calcium foods, which is why some people are losing weight. In fact, calcium can inhibit the storage of fat hormones. The content of calcium determines whether the energy in your body is released by burning or stored in the form of fat. In other words, you have not eaten calcium that contains suppressed fat during dieting, so it is difficult to consume fat.

High calcium diet can increase the rate of fat metabolism by 1.4 times. Calcium lactate helps fat metabolism the most, and milk is a good choice. In fact, calcium metabolism and body fat metabolism complement each other, insufficient intake of unsaturated fatty acids will also reduce the body s ability to absorb calcium. Calcium is the secret recipe for your weight loss. Don t abandon the food and lose weight without success.

Calcium can activate digestive enzymes such as lipase and amylase in your body. If there is insufficient calcium in the digestive system, your appetite will become worse, you will lose your appetite, and you will often feel tired.

Some people feel that they are too thin, have no blessings, and still worry about how much or no meat they eat? The following editors teach you Apple calcium supplements.

Eating a fresh apple 30 minutes before dozing off can speed up the digestive system s absorption of calcium, chewing apple pulp fully can also promote saliva secretion, and digestive enzymes in saliva can further promote the body to digest and absorb food. Fresh apples can also speed up the growth of digestive enzymes in the body and improve appetite. Enzymes in the stomach and intestines are the most active at night, and the regeneration function is also the best. Over a long period of time, it can improve gastrointestinal function, let you eat value for money, no loss of nutrition, bid farewell to yesterday s skinny.

Are you still upset about waking up at night with cramps? In fact, this is a wake-up call for calcium deficiency in your body. If the calcium concentration in the muscles is insufficient, the muscle excitement will increase, and even if you are sleeping, you will feel the spontaneous contraction of muscle fibers, even severe cramps. Cramps at night not only affect sleep, but also cause irreparable damage to muscles over time. The first thing calcium in the body occupies is the muscle. Even the muscles are deficient in calcium, and the calcium in other parts can be said to be very small.

Choose calcium citrate that is most easily absorbed by the body. The best time to take is half an hour before meals, but be careful not to drink too much water, as this will dilute the calcium concentration. Vitamin D in fish, shrimp skin, and nuts also helps calcium citrate be absorbed by the body.

Eye is the best window for us to recognize this world. Do you often have blurred vision? Vision suddenly drops sharply? If these symptoms occur, your body may need eye calcium urgently.

We know that looking more at green can help restore our eyesight. Why is it green? Because the green wavelength is short, imaging in front of the retina can relax the eyelashes and reduce eye fatigue.

Green calcium supplement method, find a grass or green tree more than 10 square meters, do not squint, focus on staring for 25 seconds, identify the outline of grass or leaves; then place the left palm 30 cm in front of the eyes, slightly higher than Sight, look at the palm prints from beginning to end one by one for 5 seconds; then look at the grass or leaves in the distance for 25 seconds, and then look at the palm prints. Do it 20 times in 10 minutes, and do it 3 times a day. Soon you will feel clear and clear! Let you not worry about your vision loss, protect your vision, and keep the only light waiting for the world.

Magic calcium can also maintain skin cell membrane integrity. When the concentration of calcium ions in body fluids is reduced, the cell membrane becomes more transparent, and the skin and mucous membranes are more likely to penetrate into the water, which causes itching of the skin , reduces skin elasticity, and easily induces inflammation such as allergies.

In addition to adequate calcium supplementation, in addition to improving cell membrane permeability, calcium itself has anti-allergic effects. The absorption of calcium is about 40%. If your skin problem is not particularly serious, it is enough to add 100 mg of calcium twice a day.

250 Milk 250 grams of milk, containing 300 mg of calcium, also contains a variety of amino acids, lactic acid, minerals and vitamins to promote calcium digestion and absorption. And the calcium in milk is easier for humans to absorb. Therefore, milk should be the main food for daily calcium supplementation. Other dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk flakes are good sources of calcium.

Kelp and shrimp skin Kelp and shrimp skin are high-calcium seafood. If you eat 25 grams a day, you can add 300 mg of calcium. And they also reduce blood lipids and prevent atherosclerosis. Kelp is cooked with meat or cold cooked after cooking . Shrimp skin has a higher calcium content, and 25 grams of shrimp skin contains 500 mg of calcium. Therefore, soup or stuffing with shrimp skin is a good choice for daily calcium supplementation. The calcium content of shrimp shell is also very rich!

Cowpea products Soy is a high-protein food with high calcium content. 500 grams of soymilk contains 120 mg of calcium, and 150 grams of tofu contains up to 500 mg of calcium. Other soy products are also good products for calcium supplementation. If soy products are cooked with meat, the taste is delicious and nutritious.

骨 Animal bones More than 80% of the animal bones are calcium, but they are insoluble in water and difficult to absorb. Therefore, you can break it into pieces before making it into food. After adding vinegar, cook slowly with gentle heat. Remove the oil slick when eating and put some greens to make a delicious fresh bone soup.

In fact, the best way to prevent calcium deficiency is to always stick to outdoor activities and directly exposed to the sun. Do not shine through the glass because the ultraviolet rays in the sun cannot penetrate the glass.

Food is not as much calcium as possible, it is important to look at absorption. Each time you take more than 200 mg of elemental calcium, the absorption rate decreases. Calcium has a very important role in maintaining our normal daily life. Let us pay more attention to diet and living, let calcium be infinite!

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