Don’t trust 4 big lies after losing weight

  The postpartum weight loss of new mothers is a long way to go, and postpartum weight loss must be well grasped in the golden age, it will be difficult to lose weight after missing it, but there are many opinions about the postpartum weight loss in life, the following four The saying is a big lie, let me tell you the truth.

  Pregnancy: weight during pregnancy / pre-pregnancy, the value is greater than 1.3, indicating that you are overweight during pregnancy. This may make it difficult for you to lose weight postpartum. Should try to control between 1.2 ~ 1.3.

  Postpartum: 6 weeks to 6 months postpartum weight / pre-pregnancy weight, the value is less than 1.1, which is normal weight gain and is relatively easy to lose. More than 1.1, it is postpartum obesity, and you need to work hard to lose weight. If the body mass index (BMI = weight / height 2 ) is still greater than 23 at 6 months after giving birth, and the weight is increased by more than 5 kg than before pregnancy, you need to pay close attention!

  Within 6 months after birth, it is the rebuilding phase of the mother s entire body. The mother s hormones will recover quickly, and the rate of metabolism will return to normal or even accelerate. Therefore, 6 months after birth can be said to be the golden period of weight loss. Lose weight with less effort. Moreover, some data show that mothers who have not controlled their weight 6 months after birth will become fatter in the future!

  If you eat less, breast milk is not enough? In order not to lose the baby, the mother can only eat hard? In fact, breastfeeding mothers only need to maintain a daily intake of 1800 calories and 71 grams of protein. The key to the quality and quantity of breast milk is the diversification and balanced matching of the mother s intake of nutrients. It is unscientific to just eat more . To avoid high-fat, high-calorie foods, eat less sweets, fried foods, and less animal oils and fats.

  Abdominal during pregnancy, the abdominal wall is overstretched and it is difficult to restore the original elasticity. The pelvis is extremely stretched during pregnancy and childbirth and it is difficult to restore the original size. As a result, holes appear in your body and are no longer as tight as before pregnancy. Slimming clothes can help you eliminate the visual obesity caused by these holes in time. Wearing skinny clothing can also limit your stomach capacity and avoid overeating. But anyway, if you want to lose fat by slimming clothes alone, it is impossible to succeed.

  In the process of lactating women, lactic acid is produced in the body to make milk taste bad. A large amount of running and jumping exercises can cause heavy breasts to relax and sag, and even damage breast structure. Premature exercise can only hurt the unrecovered body. The correct method is: only do gentle and soothing exercises such as yoga and rehabilitation exercises within 3 months after giving birth, and increase the amount of exercise appropriately after 3 months. Breastfeeding mothers do physical exercises after breastfeeding, or breastfeed your baby after 4 hours of exercise.

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