Complementary medicinal diet needs symptomatic

As a treasure of Chinese medicine, diet therapy and medicated diet have been favored for thousands of years because of their medicinal properties and their nutritional and therapeutic effects. One of the main raw materials of medicated diet is traditional Chinese medicine. Among the more than 4,000 commonly used Chinese medicines, there are 500 kinds of medicinal ingredients. Among them, about 60 flavors are safe and delicious, such as ginseng, velvet antler, yam, eucommia, Poria, Angelica, Chenpi, Cordyceps, Cassia, Astragalus, Baiji, Codonopsis , Wolfberry, Shouwu, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine has strict contraindications to medicated diets, which mainly include contraindications between medicines, contraindications to medicated diets and food, and disease contraindications. If you do not have medical knowledge and blindly take medicated supplements, you will inevitably go astray.

Generally speaking, warm and hot Chinese herbal medicines, such as ginger, shallots, red dates, walnuts, mutton, cumin, etc., have the functions of warming, dispersing cold, and helping the sun., Yin syndrome patients, mainly manifested by chills, fatigue, easy sweating, poor memory, backache, knee weakness, cold stomach, loose stools, poor sexual function and so on. The cold and cold dietary Chinese medicines, such as mung bean, coriander, watermelon, pear, coriander, purslane , chrysanthemum, etc., have the functions of clearing heat, purging fire, cooling blood, and detoxifying. Patients with syndromes and yang syndromes are manifested in the form of fear of heat, excitement, sweating and thirst, dry throat, constipation, and red urine.

Buying herbs must be fresh and high-quality. Anything that is spoiled or musty should not be eaten. Excellent medicated diet must pay attention to cooking technology. Generally, Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine without unpleasant odor can be cooked with food. If there is more medicine or obvious unpleasant odor, the medicine can be wrapped with gauze and then cooked with food. That is, it can be taken into food or soup and the residue can be removed when taking it.

Although the medicated diet is good, it should also be moderated. Chinese medicine pays attention to the dosage, and the large and small amount is directly related to the efficacy of the medicine. Irrespective of the dosage, blind use will cause serious consequences. Some people take 20 grams of ginseng tincture soup at one time, which causes cerebral hemorrhage after taking this kind of lesson.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that medicated diet should pay attention to adjusting to the time, that is, the five supplements in the four seasons: the spring recovery of all things, the five internal organs are liver, suitable for upgrading; Clear tonic, long summer hot Qi, the five internal organs belong to the spleen, should be light tonic; autumn weather is cool, the internal organs belong to the lung, should be flat tonic; cold winter temperatures, the internal organs to the kidney, should be warm. If you violate this natural rule, it will also affect the benefits.

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