Can strawberries be eaten year by year?

Some readers asked the Times for help: Is the strawberry growing older every year, can I still eat it? Yesterday, I was engaged in fruit and vegetable research for 15 years, studied in Korea for 5 years, and specialized in strawberry research at the Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. The growing size of strawberries is mainly related to varieties and cultivation techniques, said Ruan Jiwei, an associate researcher at the institute.

Recently, many people around me who once had a crush on strawberries talk about the color change of berries. You cant eat strawberries. You dont know how much pesticides or bulking agents have been applied to strawberries. It is not safe, said Liu Yanting, a citizen. I have liked strawberries since I was a child, but I have seen strawberries grow bigger and brighter, and Regardless of the season, the more and more afraid to eat strawberries.

The reporter asked 86 citizens about how should I eat strawberries, can I eat them, or not? Among them, 17 said they would buy strawberries, 22 said they had eaten strawberries this year, and 6 said they were afraid to eat strawberries .

Strawberry transportation and storage processes are very troublesome, and the bumps along the way will break; everyone has more disputes about it, it is better to sell something else. In random interviews, many fruit retailers said that strawberries are not easy to sell .

A strawberry base directly opposite the Xihua Toll Station, Ms. Ai, the person in charge, said that in addition to the common Zhang Ji in the base, there are also white peach strawberries and red sleeves. In order to strengthen customer demand , this year s strawberry base has newly added peach-flavored strawberries (the ripe fruits are white, with the sweetness of juicy peaches); the latest variety, Red Sleeve, is fragrant, and is named because it will emit a faint fragrance when picked.

It is impossible for farmers to inject strawberries with bulking agents, because it is not cost-effective for them at all. Strawberries have been grown in succession, and the bulking agents are first ripened. Later ripe strawberries are particularly prone to deterioration.

There are two factors: one is that the strawberry variety is good; the other is that the strawberry cultivation technology has been improved-the original plant had 10 flowers on it. When it grows up, there may be 10 strawberries. Now reduce it to half and one plant. Let it grow only 5 strawberries on the strawberry, the nutrients are sufficient, and the size will naturally grow.

Strawberry Yunnan strawberries are mainly short-day varieties. Generally speaking, short-day varieties have higher sweetness and less hardness, and are more susceptible to powdery mildew. Farmers only spray fungicides to remove powdery mildew, and there is no need to spray pesticides.

With the introduction of new strawberry varieties from Europe and the United States, Yunnan has cultivated a new variety of four season strawberries suitable for Yunnan cultivation. In addition to the low temperature and low yield of the new strawberry varieties in January and February, the fruits are blooming and fruiting almost all year round, and there is no obvious season for strawberries to be listed.

The main planting place of Four Seasons Strawberry is in Qujing Huize, and the output accounts for more than 60% of the national Four Seasons strawberry. Four season strawberries are more acidic than winter and spring strawberries, and are mainly used for jams and juices.

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