Tea has a good effect on weight loss

Tea weight loss is thin, China has long believed that tea has a good weight loss effect, and science has proven that tea polyphenols and aromatic compounds in tea can help digestion and reduce fat. What tea is more effective for weight loss? I recommend several healthy diet teas.

Can burn body fat. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea that contains almost no vitamin C, but is rich in minerals such as iron and calcium, and contains ingredients that promote digestive enzymes and break down fat. As a result of dieting to lose weight, eating less, food residues are insufficient. Sometimes it only accumulates once a few days and it is easy to dry. Recommended for drinking

When you are full and eat too much meat, it is easy to bloating or even discomfort. Malt can digest the food, break the air condition, and go to the bulge. Promote normal body metabolism and have a healthy weight. In addition to weight loss, it is more important to beautify the body shape. Many people have bloating and protruding belly because of food stagnation. Malt has a significant effect on the small belly.

Modern The results of modern research of Chinese traditional medicine show that lotus leaf has blood lipid lowering effect. Lotus leaf decoction for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, a course of 20 days, the total effective rate of reducing cholesterol reached 91.3%, of which 37.8% significantly. It has been reported that alkaloids in lotus leaves have a hypolipidemic effect and are often used clinically in the treatment of obesity. It is an ideal choice for three high people, middle-aged and elderly friends, and Ms. Aimei to lose weight and keep fit. The lotus leaf has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, raising hair and clearing the sun, especially longer than dampness and swelling, weight loss and fat reduction. Especially suitable for refractory obese patients. Lotus leaves are combined with mulberry leaves, cassia seeds, hawthorn, and Luo Han Guo to make Lotion money tea, which also has weight loss effects. Sang Ye Li Shui swelling, hawthorn fat elimination, Luo Han Guo enhances satiety.

Loquat black beans contains anthocyanins, which can effectively prevent fats from being absorbed by the body after entering the small intestine, and at the same time make fats escape from the body smoothly, which is not easy to cause accumulation. Compared to using black beans as ingredients, cooking and eating, using black beans to make tea has a better weight loss effect.

Modern honey cooked Puer is made by brewing Pu er cooked tea slightly and adding honey. Sweet but not greasy. Pu er cooked tea and honey are a perfect match: both are nutritious and have many effects such as clearing intestines and detoxifying. In particular, the mild tea nature of Pu er ripe tea and its significant stomach-protecting function can offset the irritation of cold stomach by honey. Long-term drinking can also prevent colds. This one is suitable for people who care about health. It should be noted that boiling water destroys the nutrition of honey, so adding honey when Pu er tea is cooled to 50-60 ° C has the best nutritional effect.

Fry the cassia seeds over low heat until the aroma overflows. After cooling, put the fried cassia seeds and green tea into the cup at the same time, add boiling water, and soak for 3-5 minutes before drinking. Add water while drinking until the taste is light. The tea is refreshing and moisturizing throat, suitable taste, and has the effects of clearing heat and calming the liver, lowering blood pressure and blood pressure, moisturizing intestines and purging, and eliminating toxins from the body.

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