Often do black sports for health

Old ancestors hunted and picked wild fruits, but had few diseases. Modern human beings enjoy a highly developed material civilization, but in the busy work and life is overstretched health, so that modern diseases such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, endocrine disorders, palpitations , hair loss, headache, constipation and so on follow, and poor appetite, easy Symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, inattention, irritability, irritability, depression, drowsiness, and insomnia are more visible. People don t care about their health, but they always shirk that they don t have time to rest and even lack health. In fact, as long as you have the heart, let the body dance for a while, you can improve your bad health.

Comb your hair with your fingers for one minute: Use your fingers on both hands to comb from the front to the back. It can slowly wake up brain cells, enhance brain blood flow, and promote blood circulation in the head. It is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it can also protect hair.

Gently rub the auricles for one minute: Use your fingers with both hands to walk along the left and right auricles, knead 30 times from front to back, knead 30 times from back to front, knead up and down 30 times, and finally pat the left and right ears with both hands 10 times. The ears are covered with acupuncture points throughout the body, which can clear the meridians, especially for the prevention and treatment of tinnitus, dizziness, and forgetfulness.

Rotate your eyes for one minute: Open your eyes, turn your eyes 30 times clockwise, 30 times counterclockwise, 30 times up and down, and 30 times left and right. Wake up from deep sleep as soon as possible, especially to exercise eye muscles , refreshing.

Stroke the navel for one minute: Use the palms of both hands to stroke the navel alternately. Up and down the navel are acupoints such as Shen Jue, Guan Yuan, Qi Hai, Dantian, Zhongli, etc. In particular, Fumo Shenju can prevent strokes, and Fumo also has the effect of refreshing Qi.

Put the pillow behind your back, straighten your hands backwards and stretch your body to do a lazy waist, then naturally lift your hands up, lay flat, and try to extend backwards, and then breathe deeply several times repeatedly. Lifting and expanding both hands can pull up the ribs and expand the chest cavity, strengthen the diaphragm muscle activity, trigger the contraction of most of the muscles of the body, thereby accelerating blood circulation, rapidly returning blood to the whole body, and providing the heart and brain system with sufficient oxygen and blood. To keep your head clear. Deep breathing can activate lung cells and promote alveolar work.

First stretch your left hand from your shoulder to your back, and hold your right hand behind you, then pull your hands together, and try your best to keep your chest straight. After that, extend your right hand from the shoulder to the back, hold it with your left hand behind you, pull your hands together, and try your best to lift your chest forward. Repeat this process 3-5 times. It has the effect of breast enlargement and softening, softening the back. This has a special effect on women s prevention of sagging breasts. Especially middle-aged women who want to improve their body shape must insist on doing this chest maintenance exercise.

Put your lips together and tap your teeth several times. It can expand the periodontal ligament blood vessels, improve local blood circulation and fix the gum, reducing the possibility of dental disease. At the same time, cavities increase oral saliva secretion and help digestion.

Raise the anus and abdomen when inhaling, and slowly relax the anus when exhaling, doing 20-30 times. The anus-lifting exercise can enhance mid-air, strengthen the internal organs, and regulate qi, blood, yin and yang. Repeated contraction can enhance the function of the anal sphincter, accelerate venous return, improve blood circulation in the anal area, and promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent hemorrhoids and constipation, and have effects on improving visceral droop and gastrointestinal disorders.

While applying makeup, put your feet on the foot massager and massage your feet while applying makeup. The human internal organs, musculoskeletal muscles, and limbs and bones have corresponding reflex zones on the feet, and there are a large number of nerve endings on the feet. Doing more foot massage can improve nerve, urinary, reproductive, and circulatory system functions. It will not only eliminate fatigue and improve the body s immunity, but also play a role in delaying aging and preventing and curing diseases.

Many people are used to sitting on a stool or wearing shoes while changing shoes. Actually, it s better to squat and bend your shoes. Being able to move the lumbar vertebra, stimulate the movement of the calf and ankle, you will feel that the leg muscles are working hard. Consciously doing more bending, knee flexing, and squatting can also enhance the vitality of the heart and improve the dizziness caused by changes in body position.

When sitting in the office for a long time, don t forget to take the time to get up and pat your body and palm. Tapping is a good self-massage, which can vibrate the meridians and organs inside the body, relax it and avoid cervical and lumbar spine diseases caused by stiff and numb limbs. The slap of the palm is because the palms of the palms are covered with relevant acupuncture points in the body, stimulating the acupoints, smoothing the meridians, elimination depression and anxiety, and increasing the blood supply to the brain and heart. Physical and mental health.

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