How to do postpartum obesity

Many new mothers, besides taking care of their children after giving birth, are most concerned about how to lose weight after giving birth. In fact, after childbirth, as long as within one year after childbirth, through scientific methods, physical weight loss can be promoted and the pre-pregnancy body shape can be restored. There are many ways to lose weight postpartum. Reasonable exercise and diet adjustment are common. Experts recommend two ways to lose weight postpartum to teach you how to perfectly transform into a slim hot mom.

Exercise to lose weight, as the name suggests is to accelerate body fat burning through daily exercise to achieve the effect of repairing lines. Many new mothers question whether postpartum exercise can cause uterine prolapse. In fact, proper post-natal exercise will help restore the body to its pre-pregnancy state. On the contrary, there will be no sequelae.

After Postpartum mothers can do some small exercises in bed, such as anal contraction, vaginal tightening exercises, which can help the pelvic floor muscles and restore the vagina to its original firmness. About three times a day, about five to ten each time.

Do Do proper leg lifts, leg extensions, and other exercises on the bed, or slightly lift your shoulders. Do a few daily exercises and do several groups a day. Do your best. This is conducive to the recovery of your shoulder muscles, back muscles, and thigh muscles. These exercises can be done one to two days after the mother gives birth.

Diet Too much nutrition during pregnancy will cause excessive abdominal fat accumulation. The relaxation of the abdominal wall is caused by the rectus abdomen in the late pregnancy. It is recommended to do breathing exercises to tighten the abdomen slowly before performing other exercises in the abdomen.

Postpartum mothers can use their spare time to learn yoga by themselves, which can not only reduce weight and beauty, but also relieve pain in the lumbar spine. At the same time, they can also calm down their mentality, and can also learn to dance body shaping such as belly dance.

Reduce the length of time watching TV and move around more; when you answer the phone, talk while walking; spend more time with your children; do housework, burn your body and mind and burn calories; climb stairs more often.

Diet to lose weight, that is, to achieve weight loss by adjusting and changing the diet structure. Since mothers have a golden period of recovery after giving birth to their babies, at this stage, they should not be hungry for weight loss. On the contrary, they must eat well and eat well. Postpartum diet is critical to determining whether you can lose weight.

In order to increase the amount of milk, the new mother has to drink a lot of tonics and lactation. If the amount of meat is increased and the vegetables are reduced at this time, not only will it increase fat, it will also easily lead to constipation, and weight loss will become more difficult. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and become a hot mom after giving birth, you need to enrich your diet and a reasonable and balanced diet. At the same time, don t take in too much calories and let yourself accumulate fat.

After Postpartum mothers will have different degrees of edema. At this time, we must know how to eliminate edema. And the best way to eliminate edema is to eat barley kernels. Barley water, barley porridge are good choices.

After Postpartum mothers are prone to constipation, and it is difficult to rule out fat in the body. There are 5 treasures to deal with constipation: oats, red dates, walnuts, bananas, and dragon fruit.

Bananas are best eaten with some honey, and the effect is better; walnuts can be bought in a bag of walnut powder made in the supermarket, which can be used for brewing; oats are shelled and unshelled. Porridge with shell can be used for porridge . If you don t have shell, you can add soymilk to drink together. Jujube is to nourish and nourish the blood. It works.

Increase the amount of vegetables in the daily menu to increase the feeling of fullness in the body and it is not easy to gain weight. Try to choose foods with low calories. Eat more seafood such as fresh shrimp, fresh fish, soybeans, tofu , low-fat milk and other foods with high protein content and low fat. Rice can be reduced and can be replaced with chestnut, purple potato, potato, etc.

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