Comb hairline often to relieve recovery discomfort

People with bad spleen and stomach should comb their front hairline. Because the stomach meridian passes through this part, combing back and forth on the hairline about an inch or so, can effectively relieve

People with poor constitution, colds and insomnia, they should focus on combing the veins in the middle of the head and the bladder meridian area, that is, combing from the center of the forehead along the midline of the head to the back of the head, and combing back and forth. Dumai is known as the Sea of ​​Yangmai. The bladder meridian is the longest yang meridian in the human body. Combing this part can pass through the meridians, regulate qi and blood, and invigorate yang. Get rid of.

People People with kidney deficiency, high blood pressure, prolapse of the anus, and pain in the top of the head can focus on combing the top (Baihui point) area. Baihui Point is the confluence of Yangjing and Dumai Yangqi, which can be used to clear the meridians and improve Yangqi.

Partial People with migraine, hepatobiliary discomfort, or suffocation, pain in the ribs, can focus on combing the sides of the head. The sides of the head are the bile and trifocal meridians, and regular combs can clear liver and gallbladder stagnation and relieve pain .

It is recommended to comb your hair every morning and evening. The rhythm should be slow to fast, and the frequency should not exceed 100 times to prevent damage to the scalp. It is best to use combs made of natural materials such as horn combs or wooden combs, because plastic combs are prone to static electricity, and long-term use will make the hair rough and fluffy, which is not conducive to health care.

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