Thin without exercise, OL daily weight loss habits

If you meet more than 2 items, then I recommend you to carry out a weight loss program focusing on time and mealtime. This type of person knows that they can t do without exercise, but because they are not good at sports, and don t have time, they don t know where to start, so they have a negative attitude towards sports. Is this just talking about the hearts of white-collar ladies? So this time, I want to recommend a set of weight loss programs for OLs who have little opportunity to exercise on weekdays!

When working in the office, be sure to pay attention to the posture. OLs are almost sitting and working in front of the computer all day long, they will bow their backs if they don t pay attention. The wrong posture not only hinders circulation, but also makes people gain weight.

In addition, because most of the muscles in the whole body are inactive, it is easy to feel tired. By the time God came, his hands had reached for chocolate and snacks … and so on.

In particular, if someone can have lunch on time at the same time every day, her best time to lose weight is between afternoon tea and dinner. So, let s talk about what we can do to make good use of this time to lose weight.

Have you ever tried to have a full meal at noon, but you will feel itchy in the afternoon and want to eat? Despite knowing that they shouldn t be eaten, many people can t help but reach for sweets in the end. In fact, Xiaobian is the same. Eating sweets is one of the ways to relieve my stress at work. This is also true for everyone. There is no need to tolerate appetite and forbid eating snacks and refreshments.

The trick for choosing a light refreshment during the weight loss period is to choose snacks that can satisfy the taste and taste, and must fully consider its calorie content. For example, although you want to eat sweets, please wait while preparing chocolates and cookies ! As everyone knows, the sugar and lipids in chocolate and cookies are the cause of fat. However, all sweetness ≠ sugar, all deliciousness ≠ fat.

Barely suppressing his appetite will only make him eat more unconsciously at lunch and dinner. In contrast, by subconsciously considering the composition of calories and choosing snacks to eat, inter-meal snacks are not necessarily the enemy of weight loss.

During the weight loss period, many people subconsciously control calories, and occasional food can just make up for problems such as insufficient nutrition caused by calorie restriction. Therefore, when buying snacks, try to choose snacks that are rich in dietary fiber and satisfy the taste and taste.

While working, I always maintain the same posture. In fact, sometimes I change my mood and do a little exercise to lose weight can improve my posture. For example, when drinking coffee, hold the coffee cup firmly and straighten your back muscles subconsciously to maintain a beautiful posture; for example, while answering the phone, speak subconsciously and breathe with your abdomen while talking.

For a person who has never been active, it is difficult to suddenly ask him to exercise well. But in this free time, with some simple movements, can exercise become fun and easy? It doesn t seem that hard to keep up the exercise .

Many OL people may work overtime so that they cannot eat dinner on time. Not only do you have a hungry stomach for a long time, but after eating dinner, you dont have much time to go to sleep. This will only make us farther and farther from losing weight.

But I have a little trick to tell everyone! If it seems that it is almost time for dinner, you can drink a milkshake in advance, which can reduce the risk of overeating afterwards because your stomach is too hungry.

In addition, when you want to eat outside, such as dinners, you can eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as seaweed salad, which must mean both calorie control and nutrition supplement.

Like this, if you start to lose weight in a way that fits your lifestyle, wouldn t it be more consistent? Choose a clever and delicious way to lose weight, let s slim down beautifully together.

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