Regular postpartum weight loss meals

Most health care doctors recommend that women do not start an exercise program until 6 weeks after childbirth. In general, this is a good opinion. Your body has just gone through a rather painful journey, and it takes time to recover. However, even during this period, you can achieve weight loss by walking, doing body stretching, pelvic leaning, and doing yoga and other exercises.

Exercise Exercise with other new moms. This will not only be able to exercise together and share weight loss experiences, but also take care of the baby in turn, so that each of you can get some exercise time. And the problem of adapting to the new role may also be resolved in communication.

Vegetables have a lot of fiber, which not only takes more time to chew. At the same time, after the vegetables enter the stomach, they will absorb water and swell, which will easily make the stomach feel full.

Eat more breakfast, or eat only two meals a day, eat less or not eat dinner, will reduce the body s metabolism rate, delay the effect of weight loss; or endure a meal without eating, but the body because of receiving famine The message will eat more, so be sure to eat three meals regularly. However, because the amount of activity during the day is higher than that at night, breakfast and lunch intake is the largest. At night, the activity level is reduced, and the intake of dinner is also reduced.

Yoga is a weight loss method that does not have a strong weight loss exercise but has an excellent weight loss effect. It is best for postpartum mothers to practice more. And this body-building yoga can help promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, so that the digestive function of the body can be carried out normally, and a good overall slimming effect can be achieved. Long-term adherence will also make the figure more uneven.

Postpartum weight loss exercises can make the loose fat in the abdomen quickly consumed during continuous exercise. Although the exercise intensity of this postpartum weight loss exercise is not very intense, it can make the abdominal muscles slowly become More compact. In addition, during exercise, the metabolic functions in the body can be made effective, so that the effect of weight loss and weight reduction is more obvious. As long as you can stick with it, you can regain your slim figure.

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