Introduction to three common breast augmentation surgery

There are various breast augmentation methods spread on the Internet, including massage breast augmentation, dietetic breast augmentation, and sports breast augmentation. Although these squares have the effect of breast augmentation, they must be adhered to every day and the results are too slow. The breast augmentation surgery is the fastest method of breast enhancement. There are three main types of breast augmentation surgery: prosthetic breast augmentation surgery, autologous fat transplantation breast augmentation surgery, and injection breast augmentation surgery.

Fat injection breast augmentation surgery is to perform liposuction from the site of local fat accumulation (abdomen, waist, etc.) for the beauty seeker, and then inject it into breast breasts to beautify the body curve in a comprehensive way. And compared with other traditional breast augmentation surgery, autologous fat injection breast augmentation surgery has many irreplaceable advantages.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and the patient is awake. In general, autologous fat breast augmentation may require twice, and in rare cases may require three operations. This is because the fat may be absorbed after it is transplanted to the designated site. However, through advanced surgical techniques, the survival rate of fat particles is high, and the method of appropriately increasing the total amount of fat implantation can be performed in one operation. However, in some cases (due to personal constitution , etc.), more than one operation is required.

This breast augmentation surgery is suitable for women with flat breasts caused by breast atrophy, slight sagging, and stunted growth. Women do not require full breasts after molding, and their bodies have sites for transplanting excess fat.

Injection breast augmentation is to fill a breast with an artificial chemical by filling it into the breast space. Today, a large number of women in our country have received breast implants.

(1) The operation of breast augmentation injection is very simple, it is an outpatient operation, there is no need to be hospitalized, and you can go home after finishing the day, which has little impact on work and life.

Since the birth of the silicone prosthesis as early as the 1960s, this method has been widely used throughout the world. It is a traditional and mature breast augmentation method; there are silicone gels and water sacs. This breast augmentation surgery has been used for decades , and it can be said that it is a very mature breast augmentation surgery method, so there is no need to worry about the surgery. And when the prosthesis is not needed, it can be completely removed.

Silicone breast augmentation can be used for people who have a lot of local fat accumulation to lose weight and shape a beautiful curve. It can serve two purposes. Silicone breast augmentation adapts to a wide temperature range, has good histocompatibility, does not appear carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic and other problems, tear resistance, hardness, elastic retraction and other aspects are relatively satisfactory. In addition, silicone breast augmentation is very easy to process and shape, and it is more convenient to use. As for the effect, it must be determined by individual circumstances.

Silicone prosthesis will not rupture if there is no sharps injury after breast augmentation surgery. If a rupture occurs, the silicone gel is tightly connected and will not flow, and can be removed cleanly. In addition, if a silicone bag is implanted in the breast , a film is automatically formed around the prosthesis, making the prosthesis relatively closed. No evidence of silicone gel was found in breast milk. Compared with the prosthesis, the silicon gel does not spread far away even after the prosthesis ruptures.

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